Project 100Million

is the evangelism and personal discipleship ministry of Network211 whose mission is to reach 100 million people worldwide with the Gospel.

Evangelism web sites such as and a unique personal discipleship program called “121 Connections” engage people in multiple languages from 230 countries and territories.

Your generous prayer and financial support equip Network211 to present the Truth of Jesus Christ to a global audience.  Our evangelism web sites are offered now in English, Arabic, American Sign Language, Farsi, Filipino, Indonesian, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.  With your help, we can present the Gospel in Japanese, Portuguese, Korean and other world languages as well as offer new sites to share the Good News.

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Global Christian Center

We provide an online service and spiritual enrichment to any that ask. For those unable to attend a church, we are their online church. Our Life Resources include content for Christian living, devotions, kids,

teens, college and career, singles, family, men, women, and seniors. There is something for people in every life-stage. For pastors, missionaries, and church workers who need Bible teaching, we are a comprehensive and extensive resource assisting in their efforts toward effective ministry. Our Ministry Resources include content for administrative leadership, Bible and theology, church life, sermons, and worship.

Your financial support enables us to be a great blessing to thousands of people whom we serve with this enrichment and training content.

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GCC Content Syndication

A church’s website can be a vital Online Campus providing insightful teaching relative to families, singles, and teens. Instead of a dormant brochure limited to a few facts, your church’s website can be a “living”

resource available to your members and community at-large. Your site can make our content your own through Global Christian Center’s Content Syndication program. We can syndicate any of the content you see on Global Christian Center.

We provide a Starter Pack free. Our Advanced Pack is for all who support Network211 ministries for at least $50 per month. With the Advanced Pack, myriad teaching and pastoral support, as well as daily devotionals, are available for display on your site. Your support enables us to present the gospel to thousands of people and to continue providing a wealth of information made available to churches around the globe.

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The Internet’s “Social Network” phenomenon has reshaped how the world communicates. Friends-reaching-friends can quickly propagate the Gospel to this Internet-savvy generation.

Build Friendships
Discover God
Pray Together
Share Inspiration
Post Praises

Globalfriendlink is “social networking with a purpose,” and that purpose is discipleship. These are just a few of the opportunities made available through Global Friend Link—where Christians around the world are Sharing Life. Their own life with the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

We invite you to send your support each month to enable Network211 to continue to broaden and strengthen our ministries, including this Christ-centered social network. It is another powerful outreach ministry to the world presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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