“I found this page open on my cell phone, just after my young son was playing with my phone. I have taken this as a revelation that it is time to give my life to God and it is He who guides my steps. Thank you very much.

I Am glad and grateful to God for making this site for me. I see this as the turning point of my life in the right direction. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.”
— Male, South Africa

“it was an eye opener for me when i read your story because i didnt know what unconditional love is. thank you”

—Female, South Africa

“I want to be christian but in my society its so difficult i need help  before two day i downloaded bible from the internet but i find some difficulty in understanding . Need help please.”

—Male, Yemen

“I was feeling so desperate and alone but I feel much better after I prayed and read this site and stories and I would like to get more help and be a better person instead of taking my life.”

—Male, Ecuador

“I was a Muslim, one day I found this website. Thank you for helping me to find the right way to the true god, Thank you very much and god bless you.”

—Female, Morocco

“Am glad and grateful to God for making this site to me.i see this as the turning point of my life in the right direction.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.”

—Male, Egypt

“your website lifted my broken heart because of my addictive immoral sin”

—Male, Kenya

“My mom just died 4 days ago and i was thinking about how every one was saying that i can get through it with jesus in my heart. i need to know if or how to know or have jesus in my heart and how to feel better and or what to do. i am using my moms old account and i am 11 years old. god bless”

—Female, USA

“Thank you for this wonderful site, I found something special for today, Jesus is my savior nothing compares the everyday goodness he given to me.”

—Female, Philippines

“I tried killing myself twice this year because I feel like everyone would be happy without me and I'm afraid I might do it again. Please help.”

—Male, Egypt

“I am a mess. In the last four years I have divorced after 24 years, moved in with my parents who weren't healthy, been in five different relationships, watched my dad die from emphysema, tell my mom who has dementia many times over a two month period that dad is dead, Because I don't know you personally I feel that I can trust you.”

—Female, United States

i have diffrent religion from christ but i decided to change my religen because i did to much of resarch and study about christans and jesus. now what i should to do? plz guide me thank you

—Male, India

“I have been reading some of your articles and was impressed about the convincing ways of explaining important issues of LIFE”

—Female, Kuwait

“I am trying to find God, but I don't know where to start searching, my love told me to type into google 'who is jesus' and pick the first site that grabbed me, it was this one. I don't yet believe, I don't know how, but I want to.”

—Male, England

"I feel i'm lost.. I am so weak.. I can't control myself for doing bad habits..i have so many vices..i used drugs, alcohol then i cant refuse temptation..i feel ashamed of myself now..i want to ask forgiveness for all of my sins..i want to talk God and to say sorry bcoz i am not a good child to him..i am really dying inside..i need a prayer..i am so lost..i need God now..i need him i am so lost.."

—Female, Philippines