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You’re passionate about reaching the world. So are we.

Network211 uses 21st Century technology to communicate the 1st Century Gospel by helping people discover and grow in their journey with God.


“I have diffrent religion from christ but i decided to change my religen because i did to much of resarch and study about christans and jesus. now what i should to do? plz guide me thank you.”

Philip Adiam

Africa |

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How It Works: The Journey

A person's journey with Christ is longer than a one-time internet presentation. It's why we are committed to responding personally, providing comprehensive discipleship opportunities, and helping new believers find their place in a local church.

  • Search

    Individuals search the Internet with a life issue question.

  • Present

    They find a Network211 site which presents the Gospel.

  • Connect

    A 1-2-1 connector responds in their native language.

  • Grow

    Discipleship opportunities are recommended.

  • Belong

    They are given help finding a local church near them.

Project 100Million 31,957,212 Total Visitors

Network211’s Project 100Million is a campaign to present the Gospel to 100 million people by 2028. With a variety of evangelism sites, and in multiple languages, we have an unprecedented opportunity to enable individuals in every nation and territory that has Internet access discover and grow in their journey with Jesus Christ.

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Journey Online

Journey Online is the Network211 global online community where we help people discover and grow in their journey with God. It begins by presenting Jesus as the Answer and then guides them to live for Him by applying God’s Word to their daily life. The resources are updated regularly with articles, videos, and discipleship content.

Visit the Site Journey Answers

Journey Answers focuses on presenting the Gospel as the solution to life's most difficult issues. Individuals are given hope that with Christ's help their lives can be restored and redeemed.

“I found this page open on my cell phone, just after my young son was playing with my phone. I have taken this as a revelation that it is time to give my life to God and it is He who guides my steps. Thank you very much.”

Elisa Cabal

Panama |

Visit the Site Who Jesus Is

Who Jesus Is has become the most visited Network 211 site. The site provides a simple and compelling presentation of Jesus' life with an opportunity for individuals to respond.

“I am trying to find God, but I don't know where to start searching, my wife told me to type into google 'who is jesus' and pick the first site that grabbed me, it was this one. I don't yet believe, I don't know how, but I want to.”

Hang Tho

Vietnam |

Visit the Site Global Friend Link

Global Friend Link (GFL) is a social network for believers around the world. In some nations, the decision to follow Christ can come with isolation and rejection. GFL provides a place for believers to connect and encourage one another.

“Señor Jesús perdona mis pecados, me arrepiento de haber mal gastado mi tiempo, mi vida y todos los recursos que tu le haz dado, mientras hay vida hay esperanza, hoy vuelvo a los brazos de Dios Padre todo poderoso en nombre de Jesús Amen”

Jose Cortés

Mexico |

Visit the Site Global Christian Center

Global Christian Center is an online community, or church, ministering to individuals everywhere. People worldwide can see our content with the purpose to win them to Christ and to strengthen them in their faith. We urge people to find a local church. In addition, we serve as an online church for many believers. Our goal is to build up a strong and vibrant global community of believers.

“I do have to say that it was by chance I ran across this article, not real even related to my search request, but it jumped out to me, saw the title, and thought hmmmmm, true love exist and you got steps to get there? So I clicked on link. Then the most terrifying yet wonderful thing happened......tears welled in my eyes as I continued to read.”


United States |

Visit the Site The Warrior's Journey

The Warrior’s Journey® is an online resource for the military community offering trusted content relating to the mission, vision, challenges and ethos of the warrior. Our goal is to offer insight, perspective and support to warriors and their families as they put beliefs and principles honored by their branch of service into practice.

"The efforts of ‘The Warrior’s Journey’ are having a profound effect on building, and even rebuilding, the lives of our Warriors. This organization is offering opportunities to every Warrior, and to their families, on a scale never seen before. I’m confident that through their relational work, we will continue to see an impactful difference in the lives of all our troops, and those connected to them."

Gen. Stanley McChrystal

U.S. Army, (Ret.) |


“I found this page open on my cell phone, just after my young son was playing with my phone. I have taken this as a revelation that it is time to give my life to God and it is He who guides my steps. Thank you very much.

I Am glad and grateful to God for making this site for me. I see this as the turning point of my life in the right direction. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.”

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