Our vision is to proclaim Christ to all people, build a global community of believers, and work with our partners in ministry.

Our mission is to use 21st century technology to communicate the 1st century Gospel by helping people discover and grow in their journey with God.

Network211 is a world missionary outreach focused on global evangelism and discipleship via the Internet. Dr. George M. Flattery started the ministry in 1997 and serves as Founder. Dr. Mark Flattery serves as the President and Chairman of the Board. The outreach of Network211 extends in multiple languages to people in over 244 countries and territories.

Network211, or Global Colleagues (our original name), is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations to Network211 are tax-deductible in the USA. Network211 is supported by our friends who are committed to our vision and mission.

In October 2016 Network211 launched The Warrior’s Journey, an online resource to the military community, as a D.B.A. and 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.

How It Works: The Journey

A person's journey with Christ is longer than a one-time internet presentation. It's why we are committed to responding personally, providing comprehensive discipleship opportunities, and helping new believers find their place in a local church.

  • Search

    Individuals search the Internet with a life issue question.

  • Present

    They find a Network211 site which presents the Gospel.

  • Connect

    A 1-2-1 connector responds in their native language.

  • Grow

    Discipleship opportunities are recommended.

  • Belong

    They are given help finding a local church near them.

Where Your Giving Goes

GuideStar gathers, organizes, and distributes information about U.S nonprofits.

Network211 is proud to have received the highest level of certification and accountibility from GuideStar.

Leadership & Staff

George M. Flattery, Ed.D


Mark Flattery, D.Min.

President and CEO

Bob Caldwell, Ph.D.

Director of JourneyOnline

Troy Enke

Director of Technology

Brad Lombardi

Director of 1-2-1 Connections

Bruce Ridpath

Director of Spanish Resources

Nicholas Royer

Director of Media Outreach

Chase Replogle

Director of Marketing and Web Design Specialist

Volod Ruban

Director of Russian and Ukrainian Outreach

Global Team

Flynn and Renee Clanton

Director of Spanish Outreach

Meechai Kowae

Director of Thailand Outreach

Daniel Matsunaga

Director of Japanese Outreach

Leo Mullen

Director Republic of Ireland Outreach

Bruce Page

Liaison of Europe Outreach

Noel Pentony

Director of India Outreach

George W. Flattery

Director of French Outreach

Jeff Zito

Director of Hebrew Outreach

Global Vision Board

Dr. George M. Flattery



Springfield, MO

Dr. Mark Flattery

President and Chariman


Springfield, MO

Dr. Edmound Teo

Hong Kong

David Mohan

Chennai, India

Board of Directors

Dr. George M. Flattery



Springfield, MO

Dr. Mark Flattery

President and Chairman


Springfield, MO

Rick Allen

Springfield, MO

David Barnett

Fort Worth, TX

Mark Benson

Dothan, AL

Jerry Cassell

Monument, CO

Jon Catron

Greensboro, NC

Douglas Clay

Springfield, MO

Curt Demoff

Clarkston, MI

Rick DuBose

Springfield, MO

David Ellis

Springfield, MO

Jeff Hartensveld

Springfield, MO

Johnny Helton

Sioux City, IA

Doug Marsh

Springfield, MO

Bruce McCarty

Owasso, OK

Kevin Smith

Kansas City, MO

David Strahan

Montgomery, AL

President's Commission

Dr. Mark Flattery

President and Chairman

Springfield, MO

Kevin Weaver

Springfield, MO

Gil and Jane Burnett

Edna, KS

Clint and Schrene Davis

Wichita, KS

Clark and Lauren Edwards

Durango, CO

Scott and Terri Marcum

Dothan, AL

John and Janet Turnage

Dallas, TX

Gregg and Heather Burnett

Royse City, TX

The Warrior's Journey Board of Advisors