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The Light of the World

Dear Friends: When I was a child I visited a cave in Southwest Missouri. It was so much fun experiencing the world underground. They taught us about stalactites and stalagmites….

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The Bread of Life

Dear Friends: April is a wonderful time of the year as Spring comes alive! While there are “April showers” it is followed by “May flowers.” Spring brings life. Spring brings…

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Giving the Hope of Jesus

Dear Friends: It has been said that “hope is the oxygen of the soul.” Hope provides us with desired outcomes for which we are willing to scale mountains and swim…

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The Journey Online

Dear Friends: A few years ago, a friend contacted me to tell me that he saw another online ministry. His conclusion was, “Mark, they are your competition!” I thanked him…

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Setting Records in 2022!

Dear Friends: It is with a thankful and grateful heart that I can report 2022 was statistically a banner year for Network211. We finished the year with over 5.1 million…

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Dear Friends: Merry Christmas! I just returned from a trip to Israel with the Center for Holy Lands Studies ( CHLS is led by my wife, Amy Flattery. While there,…

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Heart of Thanksgiving

Dear Friends: Thanksgiving in the USA is a wonderful time to pause in our life routines, gather with family and friends, and give thanks to the Lord for His goodness!…

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A Friend for the Journey

Dear Friends: Recently, a good friend returned from a work-study in Europe. He shared how he visited the home of C.S. Lewis and walked the grounds at Oxford University. He…

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Dear Friends: Praise God! The Lord allowed us to present the Gospel to 50 million individuals in 242 countries and territories via the Internet!  “Now to Him who is able…

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Dear Friends: A favorite quote of mine for Network211 is attributed to Mike Tyson, the former boxing heavyweight champion of the world, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit…

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