The Moment That Change Your Life

Dear Friends:

We plan. We strive. We do our best to live our dreams. All is well . . . until suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, and in a blink of an eye, our lives are changed. Recently, I was reminded of this fact when a friend related a story to me. He said that it was a moment that he wished he could relive and avoid. He was a young boy riding his bike with his friends. They planned to go down a hill as fast as they could so that when they reached the bottom, they will have enough momentum to crest the next hill and go airborne. What the young minds did not plan was how they were going to land.

So, my friend took his turn. As he was speeding with increased velocity down the hill his colleague shouted, “Don’t use the brakes!” He could not chicken out of such a challenge so he raced to the bottom of the hill, crested the next hill, and went airborne! But, then his bike went one way, he went another, and he landed on a tree stump; completely on his back. He passed out as the pain was excruciating. When he revived, he realized that his friends were gone and he was alone. So, he collected his bike and walked home. Now, over fifty years later, he continues to battle severe back and neck injuries that began that day. He told me, “if only I could have that moment back.”

As people around the world write to Network211, we learn that many of them have their own personal story that has the same ending. “If only I had not taken that first drink.” “If only I had not given in to temptation.” These are life-altering events that impacted entire families.

Yet, we praise the Lord for the moments that someone like Saul in the books of Acts who had an experience with the Lord on the road to Damascus. The great antagonist of the Church was transformed into a new creation in Christ and became the great protagonist in the Acts narrative.

It is with your help that we are answering people online with the hope and love of Jesus Christ. When they experience the abundant love of our Savior, many for the very first time, the Holy Spirit moves in power. In a moment, a blink of an eye, people are overwhelmed by the love of God and transformed as they repent and give their hearts to Jesus.

Here are some comments from last week to show how the power of the Holy Spirit moves on the hearts of people around the world and draws them to Jesus:

  • A man from Bahrain wrote, “How can I get break through in the lord”
  • A man in Ivory Coast wrote, “I want to give up pornography but I have no strength to forgive please help me to leave everything to walk again with Jesus Christ.”
  • A woman in Cameroon wrote, “Help me to know Jesus Christ of Nazareth better. I want to give him my whole life.”
  • A woman in South Africa wrote, “I wanna thank you for giving me this chance. I need to learn more and more about Jesus Christ. I’m new and I need Jesus in my life need to change and follow Jesus. Amen.”
  • A woman in Papua New Guinea wrote, “I am accepting Jesus to be my Lord and my personal savior. I choose to follow Jesus.”
  • A woman in Kenya wrote, “Would love to follow his steps, I have sinned a lot and would like to come back to christ.”
  • A man in India wrote, “Nothing is going my way as I expected. But now I am feeling lost and need some one of higher power to like Jesus Christ. And feel that i have to give him my life and let him take decisions for me not fight with life. But trust that my saviour is there for me and show me the light.”
  • A woman in Kenya wrote, “I want Jesus.”
  • A woman in Nigeria wrote, “I really appreciate this. When I read this I no what love really means.”
  • A man in India wrote, “I just want to know more about jesus and tell and make people to know who is jesus.”
  • A man in India wrote, “What I have to do to live a spirit filled life, and to walk with Jesus Christ?”
  • A man in Costa Rica wrote, “Beautiful. I want to know more about Jesus Christ.”


People searched online. It was because of your partnership that we were there to answer their inquiries and share the love of Christ. Then, they made the decision to follow Jesus. Thank you for all that you are doing to provide these people with a moment in time that changed their eternity.

I remind you that for every $1 given to Network211 for evangelism, we can make twenty Gospel presentations. Please visit today so we can provide more salvation moments.



Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President