The Light of the World

Dear Friends:

When I was a child I visited a cave in Southwest Missouri. It was so much fun experiencing the world underground. They taught us about stalactites and stalagmites. It was all well and good until our group leader decided to have some fun at our expense. It was without warning that he turned off his flashlight. Suddenly, we were standing in what seemed to be complete darkness. It was so dark that our eyes never adjusted. Being in such darkness disconnected me from the outside world. I could not see my hand, much less past my hand. I remember an overwhelming sense of helplessness. And, I did not like it.

It was without warning, that our leader lit a match. This time, it brought hope. Suddenly, we could see! We could find our bearings and had full use of our faculties. It amazed me how a small lit match could provide such hope. Light matters. We need light to function properly.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” (John 9:5). The context of this statement was that there was a man “blind from birth” whom he healed. Jesus brought light to the blind man whose world was overwhelmed by darkness. This healing changed everything!

As you and I share the love of Christ online through the ministry of Network211, we bring the light of God’s love, Jesus Christ, into a dark and dying world. Jesus is Light and Love, and Hope. Jesus transforms. Our role is to share the Light and bring people to Jesus. The Holy Spirit moves on the hearts of seekers and transforms them as they open themselves to Him.

We must remember that some people walk in darkness because they rejected the Light. Some lived in the Light but migrated degree by degree until they chose the darkness. Others live in artificial light and tell themselves that they are in the Light, but they are deceived. Then, there are those who were born into darkness. They were born into another religion or religious worldview and were never taught to consider what true Light would be. Regardless, when people encounter the true Light, and open their hearts to Him, they will gravitate towards the One who brings Hope and Life. Here are some comments from last week that highlights how lives can be transformed when people allow Light to flow over them.

  • A man from Ireland wrote, “Please pray for me, I am in a place I believe I can’t be saved. How can I lose my shame?”
  • A woman from Madagascar wrote, “Hello. Can you guide me on the right path of my life. I have been suffering a lot of years. I have no control over what happens to me. I feel really inhuman. Will it change by following Jesus Christ?”
  • A woman from South Africa wrote, “I struggle with submitting to God, how do I surrender every area of my life to Jesus?”
  • A man from Canada wrote, “Pray that all the fears of childhood and other traumas of youth, stop blocking me in my life and this, from every point of view. I am an adult and I have not been able to manage my psychological and spiritual demons. Lord Jesus Christ, help me before I go to bed without hope.”


Thank you for your generous and faithful giving to Network211 so that together, we can bring Light into the darkness and see lives transformed. Your prayers and giving is making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world.

May God bless you!


Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President