The Need for Human Connection

Dear Friends:

When I was a child, I remember hearing how advances in technology will not only make our lives easier but increase substantially our quality of life. There was truth to that thought!  But,  the reality is that such advances led to the disconnection of our lives. For example, once a family of four sat in their living room, at an appointed time, to watch their favorite TV show. There was no recording an episode so if they were absent at the very time their show was on then they missed it! Then, commercial breaks were utilized as opportunities to get food, take a bathroom visit, or let the dog outside. But, this had to be done within the commercial break or you would miss some of your show!

Today, if you can get a family of four in any room at any time, chances are that all four are using their personal cell phones and accessing their on-demand content of choice. While life is easier, the quality of life is debatable. The outcome of amazing technological advances is that while we are connected globally more than ever, there is a lack of genuine personal human contact. After scouring social media, news reports, sports scores, the stock market, and entertainment sites, we are left saying, “Does anyone care about me?” and “Will anyone help ME?”

The premise of Network211 is that people need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We meet individuals at their point of need, share Jesus, and join them in their life journey. We care about them. Most importantly, Jesus cares!

As technology advances, it becomes easier to respond to people. Others have told me to take advance of automated responses and even A.I. because it can write faster and possibly a more eloquent response. But, Network211 is a ministry that uses technology. We are not a tech company to ministers. There is a difference! We choose to have Spirit-filled believers respond to each comment sent to us. The reasons are that our 1-2-1 Connectors care. They pray. And, they can direct the inquirer to a local church. Automated and A.I. responses do not care and it does not pray!

This morning, our Network211 team prayed for some of the comments sent to us overnight. Here are two examples of people who need a personal contact and to know that they matter to someone who will intercede for them.

  • A woman in Bhutan wrote, “To control my emotions and anger. I don’t want to hurt anyone. And I want to pray for my sick mom back at home. I just want a good life for my daughter but I’m into drugs and I want to over come it. And I feel insecure and lonely most of the time. I want my family to be proud of me someday. I want god to forgive me, mom, dad, grandpa and my family for our sin.”
  • A woman in Finland wrote, “Please God let me feel myself safe. Take away fear. Amen.”


We care and we pray. Most importantly, God cares! God moves! God transforms! We believe in the power of prayer! We go boldly into the throne room of heaven because of what Christ has done and we bring requests to our loving Father. Prayer changes lives!

People around the world are in desperate need for a human connection. We all need to feel valued, loved, a sense of belonging, and a purpose. We all need to know that we matter to someone else and that someone cares about us!

Thank you for your partnership with Network211 as we journey with individuals and share the love of Christ. Thank you for your continual faithful and generous prayer and financial support! What you are doing matters!


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President