Dear Friends:

It is with great joy that I can report a milestone reached by Network211. It was due to God’s goodness and your partnership. As of the end of February 2022 over 400,000 individuals wrote to us since October 2008 to begin a “discipleship connection.” Praise the Lord! This represents a global team of people who partnered together to “help people discover and grow in their journey with God!”

When individuals go online they are searching diligently for answers to the dilemmas of life. It is with your partnership that we are there to share the love of Jesus Christ and to journey with them to grow in their relationship with Him. Thank you for all that you are doing!

As I read the discipleship connections comments, I am amazed continually at the following:

  1. The openness and willingness of the ones writing to share the issue of their heart. They will share immediately the intimate problem or struggle.
  2. How desperate many of them are. For some, they tried all that they knew to do and could not find a resolution. So, they turned to the Internet. Unfortunately, many are considering suicide as their final act.
  3. How grateful I am that I can present a life-changing message to help them and that is to lead them to Jesus.
  4. A significant number of believers write to us for help, hope, and rescue from their life predicament. While our motto is that we help people go from “searches to churches” also it is true that we help “those in churches during their searches.” Many are contemplating walking away from their faith because, in their view, God did not respond to their prayers.

As technology increases in effectiveness and global reach, individuals are using more than ever their personal discretionary time looking at screens such as monitors and handheld devices. They are bombarded with information, sights, and sounds. What they lack increasingly is in-person genuine friendships; someone to care about them and to journey in life with them. This great need is actually a great opportunity for Network211 to share the love of Christ and bring individuals into Christian community.

Here are some comments from people around the world who were transformed by Christ through our partnership at Network211:

  • A woman in Ireland viewed and wrote, “I want to find Jesus.”
  • A Woman in Fiji viewed and wrote, “Yes very inspiring the main thing to turn to Jesus in every situation I come across in my lifetime in good times and bad.”
  • A woman in Bolivia viewed “Who Jesus Is” from our Spanish site and wrote, “I want Jesus to forgive me my sins.”
  • A man in the Democratic Republic of Congo viewed “How to Know God” from our French site and wrote, “I want to be a true Christian, how can I be close to God?”
  • A women in Germany viewed and wrote, “Thanks a lot people of God …late last year I was very anxious and worry overwhelmed me it was due to infidelity in marriage, I was about to give up. Now that I know where I can find true happiness and peace, I am so grateful to God because real peace and happiness is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now my prayer is to go deeper and have great intimacy with Him so that I can grow spiritually and know His purpose in the life He has given me. Thank you, Lord, Jesus. I Love you Abba father.”
  • A man in Ivory Coast viewed “How to Know God” from our French site and wrote, “I want to meet GOD personally!”

Over 400,000 individuals sought help by searching online. By God’s grace, together we answered their inquiries and shared with them the love of Christ.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support!

I remind you to visit our new “Countries” page at and consider prayerfully where your prayers and finances might be invested.



Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President