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Dear Friends: It is with great joy that I can report a milestone reached by Network211. It was due to God’s goodness and your partnership. As of the end of…

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The Individual

  February 2022 Subject Line: The Individual Dear Friends: When we read the Gospels, we note that Jesus spoke to crowds. People journeyed just to hear Him speak and to…

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Dear Friends: I am so thankful for your partnership as we journey together to share the love of Christ worldwide via the Internet. Your prayer and financial support empowers us…

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The Greatest Gift

Dear Friends: What was the best Christmas gift that you have ever received? Wow, I guess my answer would depend on when in my life the question was asked! It…

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Heart of Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends: Thanksgiving in the USA is a wonderful time to pause in our life routines, gather with family and friends, and give thanks to the Lord for His goodness!…

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A Day to Remember!

Dear Friends: As I write this EBlast on October 15, 2021, I see that with your partnership we presented the Gospel to 45.7 million individuals in 242 countries and territories. …

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What is Truth?

One of my prized possessions is a carving in olive wood of Jesus standing before Pilate. While it has monetary value for its craftsmanship, it is valuable to me because…

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45 Million!

Dear Friends: We praise the Lord that we have presented the Gospel to 45 million individuals in 242 countries and territories! When you think about this, it is stunning! Forty-five…

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To Boldly Go!

Dear Friends: A famous line from the original Star Trek TV series was, “To boldly go where no man has gone before!” Later the line was changed to say, “To…

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What is the Date of My Death?

Dear Friends: The Lord is moving in around the world! Today, I will highlight Nepal. I have not had the privilege of visiting this beautiful nation but through the medium…

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