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Network 211 Day!

Dear Friends: Happy New Year! I think that our opinion of the phrase, “hindsight is 2020” is altered forever! A new year brings new opportunities! Despite the global pandemic, 2020…

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Spread the Word!

Dear Friends:                  Merry Christmas! I love reading the Christmas story! Even though I have ready it numerous times, I enjoy the story…

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The Power of the Cross

Dear Friends: It was during my recent trip to Turkey that I learned about a most stunning fact during my tour of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. This originally was…

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Connecting with Our Holy Side

Dear Friends: Last week a woman from Ireland wrote, “I feel over the last few years I have lost touch with my holy side and lost connection to jesus and…

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Race Abandoned!

Dear Friends: In August of 1992, I was raising funds to be a missionary to Tanzania in East Africa. The Olympics in Barcelona, Spain was captivating the world that summer….

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Celebrating 2 Million Evangelism Responses!

Network211 hosted “Celebrate 2 Million” on August 14, 2020 and rejoiced for the two millionth Evangelism Response to a Network211 online interactive community site. The guest speakers were Dr. George…

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Six Questions Churches Must Ask: Part 2

Dear Friends: In our May 2020 EBlast, I addressed “Six Questions Churches Must Ask: Part One” as it related to the Church using the Internet to fulfill the Great Commission…

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Our Finest Hour!

Dear Friends: On June 18, 1940, Prime Minister Winston Churchill addressed the House of Commons as WW2 was in full force. He ended his speech with this paragraph: “But if…

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Six Questions Churches Must Ask: Part One

Dear Friends: I am thrilled to see how the Church worldwide began to use the Internet as a tool of the Gospel during this season of COVID-19. I will share…

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Dear Friends: I pray that you and your family are healthy, both physically and mentally! Staying at home to “flatten the curve” is just as much about maintaining our spiritual…

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