Dear Friends:

I am so thankful for your partnership as we journey together to share the love of Christ worldwide via the Internet. Your prayer and financial support empowers us to minister and we are grateful and humbled.

There is another aspect of “together” to highlight and that is Network211 offers online interactive communities where people around the world participate and fellowship together with believers. A valued aspect of Network211 is that we seek actively to engage people in their life journey and offer our online communities where we can do life together. As ideals such as “individuality,” “expressive individualism,” and “global individuality” are emphasized the fact remains that the fullest expression of our individuality is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ and in fellowship with other believers. God created us to be in a community together.

In 2021, Network211 made over 4 million Gospel presentations. Over 219,000 individuals made evangelism responses. Praise the Lord! There were 40,590 individuals who took the next step to write us and begin a discipleship connection. This represents the highest number of discipleship connections in a single year since we launched in October 2008. We are journeying with them and doing life together. We shared the light of God’s love, we are walking with them in the light, and we have fellowship online and direct them from “searches to churches” (I John 1:7). Together.

This is valuable especially in situations where one cannot worship openly and in locations where believers are being persecuted for their faith.

Here are some highlights of the last quarter of 2021 as we continue to build our online interactive communities:

JourneyOnline. Our new feature, “JourneyWorship” has seen over 23,000 visits since it launched the end of September. People are worshiping with us. We pray for them and rejoice with them for their reports of physical healing. We are seeing individuals come to Christ as Savior through this ministry!

A second new feature of is “JourneyPrayer.” This seven-episode series takes new believers through The Lord’s Prayer to enable them to grow closer to Jesus. takes people from where they are to where they need to be in Christ; evangelism, discipleship, and applying God’s truth to daily life. In 2021, had over 2 million visits. It is offered also in French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Hebrew.

The site in Hebrew is called We partnered with believers in Israel as they produced videos on site and in Hebrew. Here are some comments from people in Israel who visited our new online community:

  • “I do not understand. Jesus is God or he is a son of God. What is his power?”
  • “Peace at home after the husband committed adultery for half a year with a married woman.”
  • “I am looking for a website where you can discuss issues and questions regarding Jesus Messiah.”
  • “I’m in a bad situation. Feels awful. Feels like there is no hope after partying, pregnancy and miscarriage. I need help.”

These are examples of how people will not seek your help in the real world but online they are open! This online interactive community added, “Questions,” “What Jesus Taught,” and “How Jesus Prayed” to accompany “The Jesus Path.” “What Jesus Taught” connects the JourneyTalks series “The Sermon on the Mount” from as well as “The Lord’s Prayer” series. Please visit

In 2021, this community had over 612,000 visits. It is offered in eleven languages including the top ten languages of the Internet. We praise the Lord that when you search “who is Jesus” or “who Jesus is” then you will find it on Google page one.

Together! It is with your faithful prayer and financial support that we can journey together with individuals around the world. They are discovering the love of Jesus and seeing their lives transformed!



Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President