Sharing Good News!



Dear Friends

We love to share news, especially when we are the first one to “break” the headline! We like to see how it will impact the ones who are receiving the message, then we bond together, albeit superficially, and interact about future implications. We share news about events, what others said or did, our concerns, our prayer requests, our rants and raves, and often with the caveat, “please don’t tell anyone but …”

Years ago, like in the last millennium, we would share news one by one by one.  Surprisingly, news spread rapidly considering the communication limitations. Now, just as quickly as we can input the message and hit “send,” our message is blasted to our “friends” on social media around the world and will be retweeted, liked, and shared to friends of friends. This only encourages us to “share” more!

There are two aspects of sharing that I would like you to consider today; sharing with Network211 and sharing on Social Media.

First, thank you for taking the journey with Network211 to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to individuals around the world and in sixteen languages! Individuals search the Internet due to their problems, we connect them to The Answer, and we follow up with our interactive discipleship community at then, direct them to local churches in their nations. Here are some comments that we have received from individuals with whom you shared the Good News via Network211 …

  • A woman in the Philippines wrote, “Thank you so much for making me feel love again by making me believe and renew my faith in Jesus, thank you thank you thank you!”
  • A woman from Jamaica wrote, “You are the living proof he is mighty and he has not forgotten me.”
  • A man from the USA wrote, “Your answer to my question about learning how to love gave me insight into my condition. I didn’t truly know how to love because of fear of rejection.  Thank you God for this revelation.”
  • A man from India, “I really need Jesus Christ in the center of my life. Thanks you for this hope.”
  • A woman in Colombia wrote, “Thank you for your prayer it help me a lot … I had no idea how to pray.”

Second, please take a moment and “share” on Facebook what the Lord is doing globally through our efforts at Network211. Please visit the Network211 pages and “Follow,” “Like,” and “Share” a Network211 post on your timeline. This will increase our standing with Facebook and stretch our advertising dollar. Your sharing will make a difference!

We are increasing our efforts on Social Media to share the Gospel. We discovered that many people are willing to respond by sharing their needs and are receiving Christ through mediums like Facebook.

Please visit the following Facebook pages and “Follow,” “Like,” and “Share”:

  • Network211
  • Journey Online
  • The Warrior’s Journey

You will be pleasantly surprised at how impactful your participation with us on Facebook will be in making Gospel presentations!

Finally, we thank the Lord that for every $1 you give to Network211 for evangelism, results in the sharing of the Gospel to fifteen individuals; $1 reaches 15. Your gift is making a difference!

May the Lord bless you as you share the Good News today!


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President