Matters of the Heart

Dear Friends:

Almost two hundred people have come to Springfield, MO this month to be trained by AGWM in preparation to be new missionaries overseas.  In the missionary training, they are learning about culture and how to contextualize the Gospel to people overseas.  This is necessary training that will prepare them to present the Good News in terms that people can understand and reveal to them the love of Christ.  While each culture is different, with different languages, social mores and customs, what is similar around the world is what we call “matters of the heart.”

When my father, Dr. George M. Flattery, founded Network211, one of the guiding principles was the fact that while people are different in so many ways, they all have matters of the heart that are vitally important to them; they want to be loved and to love others, they want a better life for their children, and they want purpose and meaning in life.

The Internet is the venue that grants access to people around the world and makes them global citizens.  A term that I have coined is “Global Individuality” and that is “a mindset that empowers the individual in the global marketplace.”  One of the outcomes of this is that individuals go online seeking answers to the dilemmas of life that trouble them.  Regardless of culture, language and location, people battle similar life issues and they turn to the Internet for help.  Here are some examples from those who have written recently to us:

  • Argentina. Female. “I have the problem of anxiety and it leads me to smoke a lot. I tried to quite a thousand times and I always fail.  I realize that alone I cannot and I need help…I feel chained to this vice.. I was looking for help on the internet and I found you and what little I read gave me peace and hope…I am 36 years old I am married and I have 2 children…”
  • Saudi Arabia. Female. “Just pray for me to die at the earliest.”
  • Philippines. Female. “Today my Mother said that someday she will poison me and leave me. For almost 2 years I have been depressed. Why does depression so hard to fight?
  • Pakistan. Male. “sir I am thinking that one day I will die so why should I study. Such kind of so many questions are coming in mind. And I can’t study. I am in depression. please help. for God sake.”
  • Norway. Female. “I’m 26, an orphan. please help me i feel like God has forsaken me. I feel like dying”
  • Kenya.  Male. “Am really depressed like I just Want to commit suicide because am tired for really all of me what am seeing pain. It’s like am loosing it all life is falling apart”
  • USA.  A woman who’s father is in the Army wrote that he passed away and shared with us how this impacted her: “Been in a dark place for a long time and it’s to the point now every second is a fight to be here the next because my brain shows me constantly how to escape. I accepted Christ at age 5. Have tried to live for Him all my life and don’t want to dishonor Him, but I am struggling. Any prayer you would think to pray for me I would appreciate it.” She concluded with the fact that due to her job in the military, “this is not a safe topic for which to reach out for help.”


Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Pakistan, Norway, Kenya, and USA … individuals around the world are searching the Internet and crying out with the same plea, “please help me!”  The solution for every individual from the beginning of time has been, and will be always, Jesus Christ.  It is with your partnership that we are presenting Jesus Christ to them as we give them love, healing, forgiveness, and purpose.  Then, we provide an online interactive community for discipleship and also direct them to a local church in the nation, whenever possible.

Thank you for your faithful and generous prayer and financial support.  You are making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world!

Finally, please note that we are thankful that our partners are funding six languages for our Network211 evangelism outreach.  However, four are unfunded: Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, and Indonesian. For $24,000 a year … $2,000 a month … we could fund and in one of these four languages for one year.  We have the 1-2-1 Connector response teams mobilized.  We just need the funding to get these outreaching in full operation.  Please pray with us and ask the Lord what your role will be.



Dr. Mark Flattery President