Dear Friends:

As a sports fan, I appreciate how each player must fulfill an assignment and perform in coordination with teammates to be successful. A last second defensive rebound in a basketball game transitions rapidly into a fast break; three passes and the ball never hits the floor. It culminates in an alley oop dunk! Game winner! Teamwork. Priceless!

In the real world, teamwork is even more important. We read in I Corinthians 3:5-9 that one plants the seed and one waters, but it is God who makes it grow. Each one will be rewarded for accomplishing the assigned task and God receives the glory. Teamwork. Priceless!

In Romans 10:13-15 we read that people can call upon the name of the Lord if someone proclaims the message. Some preach, some send, and God gets the glory. Teamwork. Priceless!

Network211 values teamwork as we “work with our partners in ministry.” We can do more exponentially for God’s glory if we work together than if we attempt to go it alone. Thankfully, Network211 is part of an amazing Assemblies of God global team which affords us opportunity to partner with individual believers and local AG churches worldwide. And God receives the glory. Teamwork. Priceless!

Recently, I received an Email from Noel Pentony in India. His pastor is Rev. David Mohan, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in India. Noel is the Head Coach for Network211 1-2-1 Connectors in India. So, whenever anyone in India writes to us, they receive a reply within 48 hours from a Connector team, comprised of Spirit-filled believers, that Noel oversees. People are directed to our online community at and then we contact a Pastor in their area to visit them. Teamwork. Priceless!

Over ten year ago, a young woman named Shanthi was suicidal and searched online for a reason to live. By God’s grace, she found, prayed the prayer for salvation, and wrote to us. She shared that her father had died suddenly and left her and her Mother without means of support. She felt demons were attacking her. So, in her mind, suicide was a viable option. Thankfully, she found JourneyAnswers and gave her heart to Christ. Noel’s team answered her and had a Pastor contact her. She took her Mother to the church and her Mother accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. Noel shared with me that Shanthi is continuing to serve the Lord faithfully and, in fact, is now involved in church ministry at an AG church.  Teamwork. Priceless!

Noel share another story. A man that I will call “Andrew” was severely depressed at the point of suicide. His wife and two children were suffering, as a result. He searched online about his life issue and discovered He wrote and asked for help. Noel’s team responded and had a Pastor contact him. The Pastor visited Andrew, prayed for him, and counseled him. The Lord delivered Andrew from depression and his life was transformed.

Andrew’s life took a wonderful turn and he purchased a car for his family. He gave rides to families in the neighborhood. The Pastor started a midweek prayer meeting in Andrew’s house.  As he lives near a YMCA, they soon rented a hall there and started a church to minister to people in Andrew’s neighborhood. Noel wrote, “This family has become a blessing to the church and to the community through Network211.” Teamwork. Priceless!

When you support us in prayer and finances, we are empowered to share online the Truth and Love of Jesus Christ. Our teams who respond those who write to us are Spirit-filled believers around the world. Then, our response teams connect them to local churches.

You support. We proclaim. People respond. Our teams connect. People are discipled. Lives are transformed. God gets the glory! Teamwork. Priceless!

Please visit and consider what more the Lord will have you do! I ask this of you, only because together we can reach more people online who are searching for an answer to life’s dilemmas. For every $1 you give for evangelism, you enable us to present the Good News to 15 individuals.





Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President