The Fields Are White for Harvest

Dear Friends:

In John 4:35 Jesus tells his disciples, “Behold, I say to you lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.” As over one-half of the world’s population is now online, we have to recognize the fact that they live in the real world and the virtual world. In fact, for many individuals, especially the younger generation, they are online so much that they prefer interacting virtually. The result is that we must consider the Internet to be a mission field; an opportunity to present the Good News.

Individuals online are searching for information, entertainment, business interaction, and relationships on various levels. They are seeking and desiring someone to respond to them. I believe that even in the virtual world that the fields “are white for harvest.”

I will share with you comments written to us and in response to people interacting with Network211 evangelism and discipleship content in our online interactive communities. Please notice the openness and sincerity of the comments as well as their locations:

* Man from Pakistan, “Jesus was/ is a prophet of The God and not His son as He is the only One managing the whole universe. Please correct yourself.”

* Woman from Palestinian Territory, “I’m not christian,i believe in god and Moses, would that prayer help if i put God or Moses instead of Jesus? or that won’t help?”

* Man from Papua New Guinea, “i want to get to know Jesus as my personal savour. i am one of the sinners man all around the world. Could you pray me so that i can walk with Jesus.”

* Man from Philippines, “I feel depressed over things that keeps on reminding me about my past. I want to forget those hurtful moments but it still haunting me. Everyday and every night of my life I spend my time thinking and worrying about things in the future and in the past. What should I do? I feel alone and I feel like I’m useless. Sometimes I’m just thinking of ending my life. I’m tired and don’t know what to do.

* Woman from Philippines, “I need prayers because I’m so tired. depression is killing me. I’m afraid i might kill myself because at anytime ill end my life. i have 2 kids and they’re still young. I don’t want them to suffer everything just because I’m weak. pls help me. thank u

* Woman from Quatar, “I will kill myself i have no religion”

* Woman from Saudi Arabia, “How can i enter in the kingdom of god?”

* Man from Somali, “Jesus isn’t god he is messenger of Allah and Allah he is the god and create human being”

* Woman from South Africa, “My husband hung himself in May, I’m struggling with grief. He lost almost everything through gambling and I was not aware”

* Woman from South Africa, “I lost hope in every aspect of my life. I failed at so many things. My wish is just to close my eyes and never wake up again.”

* Man from Tunisia, “I’m Muslim! What to do?”

* Woman from Turkey, “Hello there My name is [name withheld for security] I am interested about Jesus and I want to know more information about this Thank you”

* Man from England, “I find the idea of Jesus Christ difficult- if I’m honest it all seems like a bit of a fairy story – I want to believe in God but again I struggle to believe & at the moment am in the middle of quite a severe depression”

* Woman in USA who visited The Warrior’s Journey and wrote, “My husband is suffering from PTSD…trauma in the military. […] So everyday my husband’s contemplate on ending his life, he hears voices, and is suffering sooooo much to the point that we are now separated because he fears he might black out and hurt me in the process. I’m a firm believer in prayer but I’m at a lost and desperately needing help. I don’t know what you can do but i’m wondering if you are able to supply me with resources.”

Each comment comes from a heart searching sincerely for help and hope. Each comment presents an opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ. Truly, we must obey the Lord’s command to “lift up your eyes and look at the fields, that they are white for harvest.”

Network211 can present the Gospel to 15 individuals for every $1 given to us for evangelism. Presently, we offer evangelism sites in the top ten languages of the Internet but only four languages are funded. Will you help us work in the harvest fields of the Internet and share the love of Christ? Your gift today can impact the lives of thousands of individuals for eternity.



Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President