The Internet

Dear Friends:

As we seek to share the Good News with people in all nations, we must recognize that the Internet is changing our societies and, at the same time, can be used strategically as a tool of the Gospel.

People, like you and me, go online and use the Internet for similar reasons.  The site for “Everday Science” posted an article on November 29, 2018 entitled, “Uses of Internet in Our Daily Life” ( ).  The article began with showing how integrated the Internet is to our lives daily:

“The Internet makes our lives much easier.  If you feel hungry, order your favorite foods online. Have to go somewhere in the town, book taxi online. Have to pay utility bills, use internet banking. Want anything i.e. shoes, clothes, groceries, shop for everything online through the internet without leaving your home.  The invention of the internet has been the best gift to us. The Internet makes the world a global village and is a driving force in today’s world. Today, with the internet, from just a click we can not only read our local newspaper but also the newspaper from anywhere in the world, with a permanent content update.”

Then, the article lists “Top 10 Uses of Internet in Our Daily Life:”

  1. Access of information.
  2. Uses of Internet in communication.
  3. Entertainment.
  4. Online shopping.
  5. Uses of Internet education.
  6. Uses of Internet in multi-conferences.
  7. Social Networks.
  8. Access the news.
  9. Locate us.
  10. Searching for new jobs.

This does not mention, “the Internet of things,” where computer chips are embedded into everyday objects that connect with the Internet; refrigerators, cars, security systems, TVs, and such. Truly, the Internet is becoming more and more an integral part of our daily lives.

In spite of all this connectedness at our fingertips, people around the world still feel a void in their hearts for genuine relationships.  For over ten years, Network211’s has presented life issues that are relevant in most cultures.  People from around the globe will Google these same issues, visit our sites, make an evangelism responses, and some even then write to us.  The two issues that are visited most are “Conditional Love” and “Insignificance.”

They want to know true love and to know that they matter to someone with whom they have feelings.

As individuals Google their life issue and find a Network211 evangelism site, we connect with them by presenting the love of Jesus Christ as the Answer.  We present Truth and invite the Holy Spirit to penetrate the hearts of these visitors, to see their lives transformed.  What an amazing opportunity!

As you use the Internet today, please consider two important points.  First, with the Internet integrated so fully into our society, and since over one-half of the world’s population is an “Internet User,” we must recognize that the virtual world is a mission field!  We must leverage this amazing opportunity, an open door into the hearts and lives of individuals around the world, to present the love of Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6).

Second, since there are significant numbers of individuals around the world using the Internet to seek genuine and meaningful relationships, we have an amazing opportunity to share the love of Christ.  We must be online to help them discover and grow in their journey with God.  Some need to hear about Jesus for the first time while others need to return to their walk with Him.  Some need to be encouraged in their faith while others need hope to live for tomorrow.

Thank you for taking the journey with us as we march towards the goal of presenting Christ to 100 million people.  I remind you that for every $1 give to Network211 in evangelism, we can present the Gospel to fifteen individuals.  $20 presents the Gospel to 300 individuals while $100 can touch the lives of 1,500 people.

To date, we have presented the Gospel to over 35.4 million individuals in 242 countries and territories.  Over 1.6 million of them made an evangelism response and almost 300,000 have written to us to begin a “discipleship connection.”

Let us continue to use the Internet as a means to present the love of Jesus Christ!



Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President