India and Israel

Dear Friends:

I will share with you two different opportunities that will be life changing! First, Network211 is starting a campaign that I call, “Journey India” which is to produce in Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil at a total cost of $150,000.

When we launched Project 10Million we sought to present our evangelism content in the top ten languages of the Internet, we thank the Lord that he allowed us to fulfill this goal. Now we have expanded to Project 100Milion and seek to offer our evangelism content in the top ten spoken languages of the world. This means that we need to add two languages to present in the top ten and they are Hindi and Bengali. We added Tamil as the third to Journey India as it is the primary spoken language in the Southern part of India.

Our plan is to partner with the Assemblies of God India to ensure that we have the most effective ten life issues for Journey Answers in these three languages as well as seeking to have them produce the videos in India instead of in the USA. I believe that our partnership will result in a more effective presentation. Of course, the response team (our “1-2-1 Connectors”) are believers in India who respond and direct individuals to local churches in their nation.

While the numbers vary depending on your sources, it is estimated that these three languages combined are spoken by over 700 million people worldwide. Your generous contribution to Network211 is the first step in making this opportunity a reality and to see lives transformed by the love of Christ. Please go to and donate today!

The second opportunity probably is a “bucket list” item for you! Please join us for a Network211 Holy Land Tour on October 6-16,2020. Rick Dubose, the new Assistant General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God (starting in October), and his wife Rita will host the trip with Amy (my wife) and me. Amy will be the guide and brings a wealth of experience and Bible knowledge that will make this tour a trip of a lifetime!

I believe the itinerary will be the most extensive and complete one that can be offered on a ten-day tour. This is more than a tourist visit or a study trip; it is an experience that will deepen your walk with the Lord. Your devotional life and your ministry will be enhanced as never before as Scripture will come alive. Imagine worshipping the Lord on the very Sea of Galilee where He walked on water, praying in the Garden of Gethsemane where He sought the Father, and being taught on the southern steps of the Temple where Jesus ministered and where there are stones still present from Jesus’ day.

Please visit to learn more and to register today!


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President