Dear Friends:

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13).

Hope. It has been stated this way, “hope is the oxygen of the soul.” When hope is strong in our hearts, we believe that mountains will be moved, transformational change will soon be reality, and victory is ensured. But, hopelessness can be just as impactful to our present reality and perceived future. Doubt. Discouragement. Depression.

Where can you discover hope when you have either rejected your spiritual background or you would never darken the door of a church or open a Bible? For an increasingly significant number of people, they are going online to look for help, rescue, and hope.

It is with your partnership that Network211 can be online and present the hope of Jesus Christ. Seekers for hope search the Internet, find our evangelism sites, and learn about the love that Christ has for them. The Holy Spirit, the Great Counselor, penetrates their hearts with the Truth and challenges them to make a transformational shift in their lives by following Jesus.

For some, the hope of Christ changes them instantly while others need time to process the life-changing decision. Together, we are leading them to the giver of Hope; Jesus. Here is what people are writing to us in their quest to discover hope …

  • USA. “I am dealing with many dark thoughts that won’t go away. I feel depressed and at time I think about suicide. I don’t want to think like this anymore because I know that I am loved and that everything can be okay. I want to be happy again, I feel as though there is something dark inside my mind and soul and need it to be gone.”
  • India. “I’m feeling depressed and I know the reasons, I have made so many mistake and loose my self respect and all the mistakes haunted me everywhere, I need help.”
  • Venezuela. “I need God’s forgiveness, I have had many abortions.”
  • Spain. “My sadness prevents me from thinking, I am sad and I do not want to continue living. I only trust God to take me out of this situation. Thank you”
  • USA. “I discovered your site by faith I believe. I have been battling depression and anxiety most of my life. I was born a Catholic, though I’ve tried going back to mass I feel empty. I just want to know that God is there and He loves me. I feel very alone in my journey.”

We thank the Lord for those that turn to Him and discover the hope that only He can provide. Here are some comments of those who discovered hope …

  • Papua New Guinea, “I’d like to live for Jesus”
  • Malawi, “I have received Jesus as lord and savior in my daily life.”
  • Argentina, “Thank you for your words that come to me every day, it is very helpful. I have made my decision to be on the path of God. I will not deny that it is difficult in some situations but as the word says, if God is for me who can be against me”
  • Mexico, “Jesus is always giving us answers and I think that having found this site in these moments of my life, is one of his answers.”

Please pray for the ministry of Network211 as we connect with people around the world who are searching online for hope and, in some cases, a reason for living. May the Truth of God’s love penetrate their hearts and fill them with the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Please continue to invest with us, as well. We know that for every $1 given to us in evangelism, we can bring hope to 15 individuals who are located in the nations of the world. They search. We present. The Holy Spirit moves. Individuals are transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.


Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President