What is Truth?

One of my prized possessions is a carving in olive wood of Jesus standing before Pilate. While it has monetary value for its craftsmanship, it is valuable to me because it recounts the scene in John 18 and presents the question of the ages, “What is truth?” (v. 38). In retrospect, the question is rather incredulous for the One who is Truth is standing immediately in front of Pilate and yet was unrecognized for His true identity.

It seems that the question posed was not a sincere inquiry for heart-transformation but rather a retort of sorts. Pilate had his definition of true, the Jewish leaders held their opinion, and even the readers through the centuries hold fast to their views. We know as believers that Truth is defined in the person and actions of Jesus Christ who proclaimed, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).

While we use the Internet for good, a tool of the Gospel, I am reminded that it is being used by others to meet their own purposes. The Internet provides an overabundance of information. But as we have learned, access to knowledge does not bring wisdom nor the application of wisdom to our daily lives. One byproduct for Internet Users is that they can curate their own theology.

People have some experience with religion and faith in the physical world. Now, they have access to information in the virtual world. This leads them to pick and choose what aspects of one religious system they like, discard what they do not appreciate, and create their own set of values and systems. So, “truth” is whatever they want it to be.

Their curated faith is exposed when the dilemmas of life hits them. They are ill-equipped to deal with crises and find true order in the middle of chaos. This was illustrated in a comment by a man in Egypt who viewed on 08/12/2021 and wrote,

“Hi. Iam atheist and suffering from depression and there’s no cure in the third world. Atheist doctrine is so hard to live by it as I feel like God abandoned me and I don’t think he will forgive me for what I said concerning him. I don’t know what to do iam just a lost soul. Honestly between us do you thinkt hat there is hope?!!!”

An Egyptian atheist, suffering from depression, realizes that his value system cannot provide help and hope yet so seeks to connect (or, reconnect) with Truth. It was with your help that we responded that indeed there is hope and it is found in relationship with Jesus Christ!

Together, we are presenting the Truth of Jesus Christ every 8.9 seconds to individuals around the world. Every 3.1 minutes, one of our visitors will make an evangelism response to the Truth. Every 17.7 minutes someone, somewhere in the world, will write to us. Like the man in Egypt. Wanting to connect with Truth.

Thank you for partnering with Network211 as we journey with people to discover Jesus and to grow in relationship with Him.

You gift of $100 empowers us to present the Truth to 2,000 individuals around the world. The great question of the ages is still being asked in the real and virtual worlds; “what is truth?” We are there to tell them that the Truth is Jesus!

Thank you for giving. Thank you for continuing to give. The seed of the Gospel is being planted. Lives are being transformed. The harvest is the reward. When Truth is proclaimed, God is glorified!



Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President