The Value of the Community

Dear Friends:

It is fascinating to me that people who use the Internet regularly will discover that it can empower them and isolate them at the same time.  It empowers them because it brings them into the global marketplace to consume content on demand.  Yet, it isolates them because such an emphasis results in their being self-focused and takes them away from being active in community in the real world.  At the end of the day, we all need to belong in community with others. 

Like most aspects of life, this is not an either/or situation.  One can glean the benefits of the Internet and also thrive in relationships that only being in community provides. 

When Network211 answers the Internet searches of individuals worldwide, we connect them to an interactive online community and then direct them to a local church whenever possible; community in the virtual world and community in their physical world.   

Last month, we considered the value of the seed and the importance of sowing generously so as to present the Gospel to all types of soil.  Today, we consider the next step as we connect with those who respond, lead them to so that they can grow, and direct them to a local church, whenever possible, where they can belong. is our interactive online community in English that is designed to share the Good News in evangelism, provide a specific discipleship pathway called, “The Jesus Path,” and a wealth of more discipleship content to help visitors understand how to apply Truth to daily life.    

It is our prayer to provide in the top ten languages of the Internet as the next step to providing our evangelism sites in these same languages.  In process is in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and French.  Also, we have communities for “targeted audiences”: Marriage and Family , Muslims (), Military community , and for ministers. 

 Jesus commanded us to “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.”  It is with your partnership that we can do our part to fulfill this Great Commission by journeying with individuals in evangelism, discipleship, and community.   

Please consider today what extra you might do to empower us to do even more.  Your monthly gift of $20, $50, or $100 equips us to provide interactive online communities in the top ten languages of the Internet. 

Connecting individuals to Christian community, both online and in the real world, is the next step after evangelism so that the seed of the Gospel can grow in their hearts and they can be on the road to discipleship.  


Dr. Mark Flattery