The Value of Partnership

Dear Friends: 

 It seems that the business world has captured the idea that strategic partnerships catapult companies to greater profit than if they try to create a footprint in the global marketplace alone.  Partnerships are vital as it synergizes groups of like-minded companies to maximize each organization’s strength, marginalizes its weaknesses, and avoids unnecessary overlapping of resources.   

Network211 values strategic partnerships for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.   

The stated strategy of Network211 is that we will “journey with individuals from searches to churches.”  This is built on the premise that we can leverage over 100 years of Assemblies of God World Missions global ministry to partner strategically with AG churches in the nations of the world as well as with AGWM missionaries.   

Here is an example of an individual who benefited from Network211 strategic partnerships.  

A woman in Geita, Tanzania visited, clicked the “Find a Church” tab, and wrote to us.  She believed that Jesus could help her with “spiritual things” but asked if He could help her with “physical problems.”  Our 1-2-1 Connector responded almost immediately with a biblical response, a prayer, and then directed her to a church in Mwanza, Tanzania which is located on the shores of Lake Victoria and is the closest major city to her.   

 She visited the church and wrote back, “Yesterday I went to the church it was a wonderful service, I did not get a chance to talk to anybody but all the teaching at the church it was like special for me, what I was asking myself in my heart is what they were teaching I was very surprised, then I remember you prayed for me for God to meet my need so God really spoke to my heart yesterday at the church. Thank you so so much May God Almighty Bless you abundantly. 

We praise the Lord!  The Lord has built His church in Tanzania and given us opportunity to partner with our brothers and sisters overseas.  The woman seeking a church was blessed by a community of faith, the local church was blessed, we are honored to be a part of the process, and God receives the glory!   

 This endeavor takes AGWM’s use of the Indigenous Principles Missions Strategy to the next level by engaging strategic partners for greater harvest.   

The apostle Paul wrote in I Corinthians 3 that we each have our role in the salvation process but it is “only God, who makes things grow” (v. 7).  In Romans 10, Paul taught that in order for people to believe in the Lord they need to hear the message.  But, it takes someone to proclaim the Gospel and someone to send the messenger to deliver the Good News.  The Lord empowers us to leverage our respective roles so that we can work together in strategic partnerships for effective ministry.  And, God receives the glory! 

It is with your partnership that we can offer relevant evangelism and discipleship content online.  We seek to join with partners such as churches, like-minded organizations and ministries, and individuals so that together we can be more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission.  Rather than being concerned about the “credit,” we are focused intently on bringing individuals to Jesus.  

 Thank you for walking with us!  Your faithful prayer and financial support enable us to use the Internet as a tool of the Gospel, allow us to connect searching individuals with God’s Word, and equip us to journey with them from “searches to churches.”    

Dr. Mark Flattery