Heart of Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends:

Thanksgiving in the USA is a wonderful time to pause in our life routines, gather with family and friends, and give thanks to the Lord for His goodness! The older that I get, the more I value times with family. Times to laugh. Times to share stories. Times to eat together with the people we love. Times that will make our hearts smile when we reminiscence.

Today, my heart overflows with thanksgiving to the Lord for the partnerships developed with Network211 that focus on honoring God by reaching the Lost with the love of Christ and then taking the journey with them to grow in their walk with Jesus.

Thank you for your partnership! Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support that is the foundation of Network211. Your generous and strategic partnership is the main reason why over 46.0 million individuals received a Gospel presentation. We saw over 2.2 million individuals make an evangelism response and over 386,000 of them continue their journey with us by writing and beginning a discipleship connection. Praise the Lord!

It is through partnerships that the ministry of Network211 grows and remains impactful. We praise the Lord that we have response teams (“Landed Networks”) in eighteen nations and this number is growing! We praise the Lord that we are developing partnerships in nations such as Thailand and Ireland. We praise the Lord that our impact in the nation of India is expanding as we are developing partnerships with Spirit-filled believers to get our content into Hindi and Bengali. We praise the Lord that people around the world are contributing content to so that we can be more effective in journeying with people in various nations.

There are so many people, ideas, talents, and technologies that come together in partnership to bring the salvation message of Jesus Christ to the world. But, the focal point of everything that we do is so that we can partner with individuals, one-by-one, who are searching for answers to a life dilemma. We present Jesus as their Answer and ask the Holy Spirit to penetrate their hearts and transform their lives. While the online searcher is willing to receive whatever answer can be found, the reality is that this is a divinely orchestrated appointment to connect the searcher with the Gospel.

Here are some examples:

  • A man in the Philippines googled his life issue and visited the JourneyAnswers Anxiety life issue page on He clicked the “salvation” evangelism response button and wrote, “Just want to surrender all my anger, anxiousness and depression to Jesus. I am mentally tired, I really don’t know what to do.” His search online to see if anyone could provide him hope brought him to our site and we connected him with Jesus! We will follow up with more content on and we will ask a Pastor to visit him.
  • A woman in Ethiopia googled her life issue and visited the JourneyAnswers Insignificance life issue page on She made an evangelism response and wrote, “I feel so low and worthless. I don’t understand myself n mostly confused. How can I live a purposeful life?” From the vastness of the Internet, this woman discovered our article on Insignificance called, “Rediscover Your Worth.” She learned that Jesus will bring worth to her and transform her life. And now our journey with her begins!

As we partner to present the ministry of Network211 online in its fullness, this empowers us to partner with individuals worldwide, one-by-one, at their point of need and bring them to Jesus. The Holy Spirit speaks to their hearts, and they find new life, hope, and purpose.  I am so very grateful to you for taking this journey with us. I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing us to share His love, the greatest message in the history of the world, with “everyone, everywhere.”

As we gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving Day, let us give thanks to the Lord for our so very many blessings!



Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President