Setting Records in 2022!

Dear Friends:

It is with a thankful and grateful heart that I can report 2022 was statistically a banner year for Network211. We finished the year with over 5.1 million visits in 2022, over 321,000 evangelism responses, and 41,301 discipleship connections. This was our 3rd highest total for visits for one year, our all-time high for evangelism responses for one year, and our second-highest annual total for discipleship connections. We praise the Lord for allowing us to share His love with the nations!

Frequently, I am asked, “What impact did Covid have on your ministry?” The answer is that more and more people went online for answers to their life dilemmas. It is because of your partnership that we are there to tell them about Jesus and then direct them from “searches to churches!”

When you compare the two years before Covid (2018-2019) and the years when Covid entered our vocabulary until the present (2020-2022) you will discover a significant increase in ministry opportunities. In fact, visits to our online interactive evangelism communities increased on average by 25.5%, evangelism responses increased by 40.6%, and discipleship connections increased by a whopping 57.3%. Praise the Lord!

A discipleship connection begins when an individual (an “inquirer”) writes to us. In the two years of 2018-2019, we had 24,661 and 26,332 connections respectively. In the next three years, we had 34,338 (2020), 44,644 (our all-time high recorded in 2021), and 41,301 (2022). So, you can see that people are finding us more readily and they are wanting answers to equip them to deal with life.

While it is valuable to measure the effectiveness of the ministry, the joy of Network211 is that each statistic represents specific individuals. They are reaching out online looking for help and answers. Here are two praise reports that came through our system.

  • First, a woman in the USA requested prayer for a friend who had cancer of the liver. We responded, prayed, and encouraged the Inquirer. Then, she went and prayed with her friend. She wrote that at her friend’s next doctor’s visit, she learned that the doctor could not find any cancer in her body! Praise the Lord for His healing touch!
  • Second, there was a woman in Cameroon who was in desperate need. She googled her life issue, found our site, and wrote. Our 1-2-1 Connector encouraged her with Scripture and personal comments and interacted numerous times. Finally, the woman wrote, “I am truly and so grateful for everything. I went from suicidal thoughts to internal blame to improve myself and seek to know God even more. I still have a lot to do but I believe this GOD who is the only GOD who rescued me from death.” Praise the Lord! This is a testimony of one who was saved!


Our hearts are full of anticipation for what the Lord has in store for Network211 in 2023. It is with your continued faithful prayer and financial support that we will seek to reap more souls in the harvest fields of the Internet. We will upgrade our evangelism sites and search engine optimization. We will create and curate more content so as to equip people to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We will seek to form global partnerships in an effort to have response teams in every nation in the world, wherever possible. We will seek to direct even more individuals from “searches to churches!” The “why?” is because we are being obedient to the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) and because the need of people worldwide is so great and their only answer is Jesus.

We praise the Lord that records were set in 2022. We are inspired to enlarge our tent and attempt even greater things for God.



Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President