3 Million Evangelism Responses!

Dear Friends:

Praise the Lord! On January 5, 2024, Network211 reached another milestone! We thank the Lord that He allowed us to reach the milestone of 3 million people making an Evangelism Response to a Network211 Gospel presentation!

Three million is a significant number of evangelism responses. That is 3,000,000 and they come from 242 countries and territories. Also, I remind you that an “evangelism response” means that individuals searched online, visited a Network211 evangelism site, watched a video or read an article, and responded to the evangelism presentation by clicking one of three buttons: “Yes, I Prayed,” “Submit a Questions,” or “Please Pray For Me.”

Once an evangelism response is made, individuals have the opportunity to write to Network211 and share the matters of their hearts. Network211 response teams reply with a personalized response, Scripture, and more content found on

While we thank the Lord that we can plant the seeds of the Gospel in the hearts of individuals around the world, we rejoice, as well, that we can journey with them to grow in their relationship with Jesus and to connect them with a local church. This is, as we say, helping people go “from searches to churches!”

While we rejoice at the milestone of 3 million evangelism responses, we remember that each number represents an individual somewhere in the world. Here are some comments individuals wrote after making an evangelism response:

          • A woman in Romania viewed “How to Deal with Anxiety” from in English. She made a “salvation” evangelism response and wrote to us in French. It translated into English as, “I am not well.” This was an open door into her heart. It began an online relationship as we can journey with her to find Jesus and peace in her life.

          • A man in Nigeria viewed, “Rediscover Your Worth,” made a “recommitment” evangelism response, and wrote, “I have committed so many wrongs that I feel God cannot forgive me, I feel so terrible, like my life is stuck in one place, no progress, no light shining upon my life, I feel so horrible to the extent that I feel like giving up on life itself.” Our team responded with a personalized comment and is leading this man to Jesus. He will discover the Giver of Life and the hope that comes from salvation in Christ.

          • A man in Argentina viewed “How to Overcome Your Fears” in Spanish, made a “salvation” evangelism response, and wrote. Translated into English, his reply was, “I would love to learn more about Jesus.” Praise the Lord! We replied and are connecting him to a local church where he can become part of the family of God in a community of Faith.

Thank you for partnering with us so that we can present the Good News of Jesus Christ online to people who are searching for hope and answers to life dilemmas. We are able then to join them in their life journey with further online interaction and direct them from “searches to churches!”

So, on behalf of the 3 million individuals who made an evangelism response, the Network211 team says to you, “Thank you for making this happen!” Individuals around the world are coming to Jesus, being encouraged, and walking with the One who is the “way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6).

May God bless you!

In Christ,

Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President