Dear Friends: 

We are rejoicing we reached the milestone of having 500,000 people write to us to begin a discipleship connection. That is half a million individuals since October 2008. We praise the Lord!  

The Network211 1-2-1 Connector response teams prayed with people, shared God’s Word with them, cried with them, laughed with them, and brought them closer to Jesus. Our Connectors view their involvement as frontline evangelism and spiritual care.   

People go online for the same reasons that we do; business, news, entertainment, sports, relationships, and education. Also, they go online searching for answers to the dilemmas of life that trouble them. When they find an online interactive community that speaks to them, they respond by pouring out their hearts. This is still unbelievable to me because they do not know us! In fact one woman wrote, “Because I don’t know you, I feel that I can trust you!” But, the anonymity and security of the Internet provided them with a sense of security that encouraged them to write.  

Some wrote to us to say that the video and article spoke to their hearts and they understand that they need Jesus! Others wrote about how desperate their lives were and that they wanted to commit suicide.  Thousands of people requested prayer for physical healing or restoration of marriages. So many wrote that they wanted to recommit their lives back to God.  

Every person who wrote to us received a personalized response from a Spirit-filled believer. Our replies are reflective of what the Inquirers wrote, provided Scripture, and presented further online content. Some social media “experts” told me that we need to replace our responders with A.I. because A.I. will provide a fancier answer and do so with great speed. But, our responders are real people, who live real lives, who are Spirit-filled, and who pray! A.I. does not take your request into the throne room and intercede on your behalf to our Heavenly Father! Stating it plainly, “A.I. doesn’t pray!” 

Network211 goes even one more step as we do our best to connect those who write to us with a local church. As our motto states, we help people go from “Searches to Churches!”  

I will share an ongoing ministry opportunity to showcase how the Lord is using Network211 to impact lives and build His Church. We are doing a Targeted Evangelism Campaign (TEC) in Ceuta, Spain. Now, Ceuta is actually located on the African continent! It is an autonomous city surrounded completely by Morocco. I am told that the police and local government are Spaniards but the people are mostly Moroccan. It is a mixture of the Spanish language and the Muslim religion. This is considered rocky and thorning spiritual soil. Yet, Network211 had eight people in Ceuta who viewed or and wrote to us.   

The Assemblies of God of Spain is sending a married couple to plant a church in Ceuta. I am told that this week they will be meeting with two of the individuals who wrote to us! Lord willing, this will be the start of a new church! This is amazing and exciting! Who would think that someone searching online could find Jesus and then be invited to belong to a local church family and grow spiritually in a community of faith? Praise God! 

So, please rejoice with us at reaching the 500,000 discipleship connection milestone! Individuals reached out to us one by one by one and shared their hearts’ desires. It is because of your partnership that together we are online to share the love of Christ and get them onto the path of discipleship! 


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President