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Let's Use Super Bowl Sunday to Reach the World

On February 9th, millions will gather to watch the LVIX Super Bowl. Held at the Ceasar’s Superdome in  New Orleans, 83,000 fans will fill the stadium. What if your church had the opportunity to share the gospel with a stadium full of lost men and women? What if you could do it for far less than the millions of dollars brands will pay for a single 30-second commercial? Together we can!


Every day, Network211 shares the gospel with thousands of men and women around the world. So far, we have shared the gospel with more than 56 million individuals. Just $1 allows us to share the gospel with someone in need. A gift of just $4,000 could reach the same capacity as Caesar’s Superdome. How many stadiums could your church reach? 

$1 Reaches 20 people with the Gospel

$4,000 shares the gospel with 80,000 people

We've shared the gospel with more than 58 million people