Amazing Love

Dear Friends:

“Amazing love, how can it be that Thou, my God, shouldst die for me?” Charles Wesley’s lyrics ask a question that continues to be asked by individuals around the world. A core need in the hearts of people everywhere is to love and to be loved. One of the most visited Journey Answers pages deals with conditional love. People search online looking to meet their needs for love and their questions about love. Journey Answers “Love” provides them with a video telling them that Jesus loves them and an article that ends with a prayer to lead them to true love. They search. We provide the Truth of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit works on their hearts. Here are some responses we have received from people whose lives were impacted by the presentation that God loves them: “Thank you so much, I never knew I would find my fulfillment in the Internet. I know God loves me but I think I never realised how much I’ve never cried reading something before today I have thanks I just realised I was looking for love in the wrong places […] God bless thank you” (a woman from Kenya).

“…I do have to say that it was by chance I ran across this article, not really even related to my search request, but it jumped out to me, saw the title, and thought hmmmmm, true love exist and you got steps to get there? So I clicked the link. Then the most terrifying yet wonderful thing happened…tears welled in my eyes as I continued to read. I found parts of me in the story, and yet it still had no connection to my search or to my original idea of what the article was about. BUT it was exactly what I needed to be reading. I grew up in church but somehow, the basic message I was taught back them had escaped me and as I continued to read, I was shown a whole new meaning to those basic messages. Yes I knew Gods love is unconditional, but have never thought about how he sees every mistake, every thought, and every nanosecond of my movements and knew about them centuries before I was born and was still willing to sacrifice His Son for my sins to be forgiven. And then I have to think about how he knew I would falter and if I will again, just as a child learning to walk. I know I do not deserve such a type of love, which makes me feel maybe I deserve no type of love. This article helped me realize that may not be so. Only thing I can do is to continue on my path to better myself ONLY this time I need to make sure God is more involved” (a woman from USA).

“Separate and apart from the The Word of God, this is the BEST article I have ever read! THANK YOU for posting this! I am a born again believer in Christ Jesus for more than 35 yrs, have read the scriptures and do my best to live by it. However, in my search for unconditional love (though I know it is found in God through Christ Jesus), I often never felt complete – always searching for more. This article has open by eyes to TRUTH. In particular, that unconditional love can never be found by the ‘selfish seeker’. I am anew in Christ today and make a commitment to love differently by serving others and meeting their need for love rather than my own. May God bless you and your ministry – of Love! (Please keep me in your prayers)” (a woman from Bahamas).

Thank you for journeying with us to present the love of God to people around the world. Your faithful prayer and financial support is impacting lives today and for eternity. And, with your continued partnership, we can do even more, especially with Journey Answers now available in the top ten languages of the Internet.


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President