India – Female

My mother’s name is Selvi. From the month of January 2023 my mother is facing a lot of health issues…. One after the other so many health problems are struggling her. Several times she was admitted in the hospital, took a lot of check ups and medicines. She is going through a lot of pain physically and mentally because of these.
At the end of last month from MRI scan report we came to know that she has a nerve shrinkage in the brain and severe stomach ulcer. Doctors told that it is curable by tablets. So we hoped that everything will be alright. But she was admitted again in the hospital because of medicine allergy. (The body is not accepting the medicine causing severe side effects)
I have no idea what’s happening. It’s been 6 months but still she is struggling with health problems. I couldn’t do anything for her, all I can do is pray.
Hence I request you to pray for her health. I hope God will grace her healthy and happy life.
Thank you.