India – Male

Dear sir, 

       Greetings you and your team members in the name of living god jesus.
I have a prayer request plz pray for me. On 28th May 2023, I have to appear in CS prelims exam, And it is sorry to say that it is my 7th attempt to appear in CS prelims and also this is last attempt for me. Earlier I had appeared 6 times but I failed again & again due to problems and situations comes in my life. This year also I couldn’t get time to study well due to problems & situations.
One thing I can’t understand why problems & situations are not leaving in my family? Every year one after another problems i face. And also I can’t understand that what is the will of God for me. Please let me know what is the will of God for me.
And also My age is going to increase & I hv no any other source to get a job. I have to get job this year by all means by cracking this exam. Only Prayer unto god can give me success in exam. So I believe unto god and I need your prayer .  Plz remember me & my request while you pray.

          Therefore, I request you sir kindly pray for me how I can get success in this civil service prelims exam miracoulsly & successfully and also get a good job this year by all means . So plz pray for me..     

Thank you