Uganda – Female

I grew up in a Christian family in fact my father is an Orthodox priest so I knew about Jesus all my life yet I know he doesn’t know me yet ,sometimes I feel he has a plan for me but I just can’t seem to fall in line with it whenever I make a wrong decision I feel miserable because then I would have disobeyed this feeling I don’t know how to describe it but it drives me to do things that don’t make sense but only good things though it gives me a command to stop doing things and getaway from habits of mine and I can’t help think it’s the Holy spirit but I have doubt sometimes and honestly even though I have been in the church my all life I feel my Lord is too far from me I go astray and lost and I’m stuck in this endless circle of sin ,forgiveness and again and again and i feel like there is stronger force keeping me from my full potential from achieving anything ,Please pray for my clarity guidance and deliverance from this chains of the world.