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Lord remove all curses all over family ans children. Remove the curse over Chaney. Alejandro, and over our children Nathaniel, Lauren, Zachary, Audrey, Elizbeth, and Merdith. Lord mu family are in need of $10,000 ASAP to cover bills due. Lord I have post all my closed dowm bookstore on facebook sales sites and nextdoor sites. Lord i need your help on bring buyers today and the n3xt 5 days to come and buy the last of 2,000 books left and all furnture, wall art, 2 mircoscope and the science experment kits. My husband last his job and more then ever we need the money for bills. Bring grandparents, Homeschool families, teachers, Parents, aunts, uncles to come and buy early Christmas gifts and gifts to give. Lord bless us non stop on us selling every last books