United States – Female

I’m asking for prayers for my sister and myself. My sister had four cancers in the last 2 years. To cancers have been surgically removed and are gone for now and hopefully for good. She still has thyroid cancer that has to be removed and she just had a 12-hour surgery Thursday on a cancer I can’t even pronounce but it started in her appendix and moved to her intestines, bowel, and abdominal area. The surgeon believes that she got it all but my sister’s having a really hard time recovering. Her blood pressure will not come up and our oxygen levels are low.
We’re 3 hours from home, she’s a mile away from me in the hospital, God blessed me with a safe place to stay but I cannot go see her until I’m better myself. I was just diagnosed with sinusitis and bronchitis this morning so if you could pray for her healing and her speedy recovery as well as healing for myself so I can get to the hospital to be with her I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless