United States – Female

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers for Isaiah and his family. Lord I pray for myself,help me in my walk with you,I’ve become so stale and dry with you and it’s a struggle to read your word and fellowship at church,I need to change.Help me hate the sexual sin I struggle with.Also,please help Isaiah in his finances, mental health, and walk with you. Please deliver him and his family from any mindsets keeping them in bondage. Help Isaiah to be greatful for the jobs you give him and help him to be stable,hold a job, and get his own apartment or house.Help him forgive me for nagging if I was too harsh.Help him come to church.Bring us back together in a healthy and God fearing way,I love him but it seems there’s too much financial struggle and he can’t see what he’s doing wrong.In Jesus name I pray,amen.