United States – Female

My former best friend, E, and I ended on bad terms after over 20 years of friendship. It has been a few years since, but I struggle with the painful feelings nearly every day. She is the one who ultimately stopped communication, so I don’t want to upset her by popping up unexpectedly, but my heart is broken, and I know the Lord is near the brokenhearted. Additionally, He wants us to reconcile. More importantly, I know He wants her to be saved. I believe she now follows eastern mysticism or chi. Will you pray in agreement with me for the Lord to shake up her world that she may repent and turn to Him for salvation? Also, please agree for God to move, open, and soften her heart towards me so she can forgive me and I can forgive her. I pray that she move towards me so we can make amends. Please agree. In Christ, Amen.