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My life in the mess I haveing trouble forgiveing letting go I’m losing to cry maybe case by harden heart do want the world I’m tired of suck sate demons keep attack me day and night when I get up I woke up demon was attacking me I try lay down go to sleep demon was attacking me I couldn’t sleep I was under attack when I go out side demons following me one demon said I will do what I want whispering right next to me I got upset what happened want to forgive I’m trouble right way say and right way forgive causeing me trouble demons keep coming back day and night I’m trying fix my mistakes and errors because want things go back normal I don’t want this world I really want nothing else Jesus people I need to forgive Tom Mary my sister my mom Kristie Dave maze who owns building Im in
Everything going not as planned I want to cry don’t know why God doing this me he is he isn’t please don’t want my heart grow cold don’t want this world don’t want worship demons and Satan two I want fix my mistakes go back things normal I want confess my sins turn away from my sins I lose interest of the bible I try read the bible then I stop I remember I was reading the something or demon bothering me I had feeling not read the bible and more I’m in my sin ever time I want lease it let it go don’t do it again demons kept bothering me
I Want cry again lose to cry maybe case by harden heart I don’t want commit Blastphame against holy spirit I hope didn’t commit it I just hope I didn’t commit Blastphame against the holy spirit really don’t want commit the Blastphame against the holy spirit I don’t Satan as my God any my God I have Jesus God I have 11 bibles want to read deeply want read them want to I feel losing interest read the bible I don’t want life what place Jesus God are at I want place where Jesus God is at I’m in my sin unforgiveness grudging masturbation pornography lust hateing hate bitterness resentment and other sins I’m not going place where Jesus God is at I’m heading hell demons are going to torment me I want not go there I’m being tortured by demons demons refuse to I’m have trouble let go the
phone my life is destroyed myself is destroyed I can’t clear my mind demons keeps attack my mind demons keep touching me and keep touching my hair been shut down turn into pieces there’s people I need to forgive in the mental hospital Bloomsburg hospital Pennsylvania pasty I to forgive