1.5 million Evangelism Responses

Dear Friends:

It brings me great joy to announce that 1.5 million individuals made an evangelism response to a Network211 Gospel presentation since October 2008. This means that they responded to the Good News by clicking an evangelism response button: “Yes, I Prayed,” “I Have a Question,” “Pray for Me” or to subscribe for more information on a topic of their choice.

Like the Sower in Matthew 13, we are scattering the Truth of Jesus Christ to those who are searching the Internet for answers to their life issues. When they make an evangelism response, we encourage them to take the next step in their journey and write to us. Our teams of 1-2-1 Connectors are ready to respond within 48 hours to answer them and to share truths from God’s Word. Then, we provide discipleship content on (soon to be, and get them connected to a church wherever possible. The online content is effective especially in locations where people cannot worship openly.

When individuals write to us, we can begin to understand what led them to make an evangelism response. Here are some reasons:

· They are looking for hope. “I’m contemplating suicide because I’m fed up with life. Debtors are on my neck and I can’t take care of my family” (Male, Norway).

· They found Christ for the first time. “I’m willing to draw near to God. I hope that God will lead me and make me clear about life’s true meaning” (Woman, China).

· They are prodigals now seeking answers. “I’m a 46 year old wife, mother, grandmother whose life fell apart when life happened to me. Deep inside I know cannot be without God but still I am so angry towards Him. I just cannot get the breakthrough back to the arm of God” (Woman, South Africa).

· They had quit on their faith. “You give me the courage to renew my relationship with God and start to go to church again. I had quit for quite a while. Thank you” (Male, Burkina Faso).

· Their faith is in jeopardy due to life circumstances. “I am depressed, I want to have faith because I believe that God does not hear me. I have problems with my health, economic and family problems. I don’t know how to help myself. Thank you” (Woman, Chile).

· They are asking questions that matter to them. “Is my three year old son in heaven. I lost him two weeks ago” (Woman, Zambia).

· They are interested in Christianity. “Its obvious that am a muslim. But please tell me more about Christ and give 10 reasons to follow him” (Male, location not given).

They are searching for answers to issues that trouble them. We have an open door into the matter of their hearts to tell them about Jesus. It is with your partnership that we can journey with individuals worldwide and take them from where they are to where they need to be in Christ.

Thank you for all that you do! For every $100 given to Network211 in evangelism, we can make 1,500 Gospel presentations. Of these 1,500 individuals, 5% of them (75 individuals), will make an evangelism response. Together, we are presenting the Truth of Jesus Christ into their lives and seeing the Lord change them for eternity.

Thank you for your insight to use the Internet as a tool of the Gospel, your passion to see individuals come to Christ, your willingness to pray for all aspects of Network211, and your generous and faithful financial support.



Dr. Mark Flattery

Network211 President