Dear Friends:

Praise the Lord! Can you believe that the Lord has now allowed us to share the Gospel with 25 million people? That’s wonderful!

Project 10Million was started officially on October 15, 2008 with the intent of presenting the Good News to ten million people in ten years. The Lord allowed us to complete this dream in FIVE years on October 14, 2013. We enlarged our vision by launching Project 100Million and are asking the Lord to allow us to share His love with 100 million people worldwide.

I am thrilled to report that on January 16, 2017 we made the 25 millionth evangelism presentation! That is 25 million people who searched the Internet, found our website, and learned about the love of Jesus Christ. Remember that these are individuals who are looking for someone to engage them and to provide them with Truth. We told them about Jesus, invited them to make an evangelism response, requested that they write to us, and then replied to them when they did!

This victory is the Lord’s victory! Thank you for partnering with us to present the most amazing message the world has ever known to people on a global scale!

Here are some testimonies of how God changed lives of individuals around the world:

  • Woman in USA. “When God sets you up, he sets you up. I was on google trying to find a quiz about being inlove with my current boyfriend. I clicked on the first thing I saw. I was captured by the story of Jacob and Rachel which ive heard a milliom times, but never thought about how leah related more to me. I stopped reading for a sec and watched the video. Thats where I received Jesus yet again. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this information. God Bless.”
  • Woman in Zimbabwe. “The article is really awesome and bring low in spirit by feeling invaluable I have been lifted. Thank you.”
  • Man in Norway. “Am happy for this decision.”
  • Woman in India. “I actually need the whole story of loard Jesus I want to know everything so that there won’t be any doubt in my believe on him I would like to thanks this team! Thank yo so much because you have encourage me in my decision.”
  • Woman in Namibia. “Thank you for helping me realize who Jesus is…”

Reaching 25 million individuals is an encouraging milestone! We are praying that our partners, like you, will continue the adventure with us as we journey together to reach 100 million people worldwide!


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President