Searching for Love

Dear Friends:

In most places in the world Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is celebrated by people who are in love. It is a time for them to express heartfelt feelings to that “special person” in their lives! But, it is not celebrated worldwide. I read that in many nations, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is discouraged, opposed, and even banned. But, no matter how governments and religious leaders may attempt to legislate matters of the heart, the fact remains that people worldwide want to love, to be loved, and to know that they matter to someone who is important to them.

Unfortunately, the desire for love goes unrequited for many people and so they search online to fill the void. Some seek immediate gratification, others scour dating sites in hopes of making a lasting connection, and many will take to Social Media to express the depths of their despair as if telling the world of their woes will medicate their heart.

The top three life issues searched on are aligned with these needs and they are Conditional Love, Insignificance, and Brokenness. It is due to ministry partners like you who support Network211 in prayer and finances, and because of the move of the Holy Spirit, that we can present Jesus Christ as the One who loves them abundantly and without hesitation. The only One who can fill the void in their hearts is Jesus!

Here are some comments from people who viewed a Network211 evangelism site:

  • Woman in the USA, “I was amazed at how God allowed me to Google the value of loving God more and it lead me to this article. This is where need had me for weeks…learning how to love him more.”
  • Woman from Namibia, “I would like to know how do I find love again a broken heart.”
  • Woman in Nepal, “am i loved? will i get over my depression?”
  • Man in Nigeria, “Am grateful for this message. I need your assistance in prayer for a steadfast spirit and I pure heart. I have been battling with fear and doubt for some time now. I know Jesus loves me. I want to be worth that love. Thanks.”
  • Man in Liberia, “Why does God allow suffering if he really dearly loves me?”
  • Woman in Kenya, “y do i seem so unlucky,everythng seems so unfair,evedythng i love is always taken away frm me.”
  • Woman in Australia, “Can a verbally abusive marriage heal?”
  • Woman in the USA, “I haveen confused and angry all the time. I have no one who truly loves me here on this earth. Everyone has left me. I need God more than ever because I am broken. Can you please pray for me?“

Conditional love. Insignificance. Brokenness.

The Answer is Jesus Christ.

Your faithful prayer and financial partnership allows us to present the love of Jesus Christ to people who are in desperate need of our Savior. Thank you for all that you do.


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President