People With A Heart!

Dear Friends:

It is interesting to me that technology brings our lives so close that the world is just a click away! When Email, cell phones, and computers entered into our lives last millennium, we were told that this advancement would revolutionize us and make our lives easier. Easier? If anything, it has made life more complicated! We are so tied to the Internet via our cell phones that we cannot function properly without them!

While there are truly great benefits to online activities that cannot be discounted, the negative is that what was supposed to bring us together is the very item that keeps us isolated. For example, it is common now to be in a restaurant and see a table with four people seated and each one of them is using their cell phone instead of engaging in conversation. I was told that in Japan estrangement from society and isolation is so rampant that the government established, ‘The Ministry of Loneliness” to combat depression and suicidal ideations. Japan is arguably the most technologically advanced nation in the world and yet its people are in desperate need of human contact and in-person relationships.

The beauty of Network211 as my father, Dr. George M. Flattery, built it is that we are focused on personal interaction. We are people with a heart! We meet individuals at their point of need. We answer their searches for answers to the dilemmas of their lives with the love and message of Jesus Christ. Our response teams, 1-2-1 Connectors, are Spirit-filled believers who make personalized relies AND they pray! We provide further content online and them connect people to a local church; “Searches to Churches!” The centerpiece to this ministry is people. People who love Jesus, who are Spirit-filled and led, and who want to join others in their personal life journey.

Currently, we have over 300 1-2-1 Connectors who are in twenty-six nations in the world to respond to individuals who write to us. Brad Lombardi is our 1-2-1 Connections Director. He oversees our 1-2-1 Connectors, trains them to use our system, prays for them, and shares God’s Word with them. Sure, we could use A.I. and respond instantly and with eloquent answers. Yes, we could even automate our replies and do so in an instant. But, A.I. and automation do not pray! Our team prays, interacts, shares God’s Word, and cares deeply for others. We are people with a heart!

Network211’s goal is to present the Gospel to 100 million individuals. If this was the only goal then it could have been reached years ago. But, our goal is more than being “clickbait” because we want quality responses. We want visitors to receive the salvation message but also to respond and to write to us. We want to join them in their life journey and to direct them to churches.

This is all possible because of people like you who have a heart to reach everyone, everywhere and journey with them on the path of discipleship. Your faithful prayer and financial support is the engine that keeps this ministry in motion. Thank you for all that you do! Please continue being involved actively! You are making an eternal difference in the lives of individuals around the world.


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President