United States – Female

Lord hear my cries transfor my heart increase my faith, help me be in harmony with the HS. Teach/ help me obey trust & rely on. Keep me focus on give the strength to mange the storms in my life. Reveal your will to me. Lord put on the helmet of salvation protection faith on me and my kids. Heal my kids and I broken heart. Lord stop the foreclosures. Touch mike harden heart to surrender to our fam, Lord let him have no peace no rest fill his path with chaos turmoil arguments with Chelsea. Reveal to mike the consequences of adultery. Lord teach mike to fear you. Touch him with Damascus experience. Wake him up from his sins. Career change and reduce his work hours. Chaos in his adulterous living &ungodly path .teach him to be honest, to love our kids..Lord remove him from satan hands..fill mike.minds with scriptures on fam marriage.Lord protect my kids and them your will. Keep them.focus on you and shield them from.mike lies and pain. Lord I humbly ask you have mike walk our path and feel and see the pain he caused our fam. Lord feel me and mike with Godly sorry..