United States – Male

Please pray for a loved one that are wanting to do something it’s a major decision they have been wanting to a long time and he has been talking to me about it it’s costly he can’t get it paid for I would have to pay for all of it and is life changing for me this is really something I don’t understand much probably never will either he has been doing research on it finding out about it please pray over this it does affect his life and his health I would like to have help with this but I don’t know if we could get any like I said it’s costly and he doesn’t work and he’s wanting me to do this and it’s a big decision and it would need to go right too for sure if he has this done and he has another health issue that he needs done but no way to pay for it either just keep us in your prayers I want to make sure on what to do before I tell him I will do it we need much neede prayer and prayer for me I’m going thru a lot right now with having to take care of us too I need strength from God also I don’t why this happen to him either only God knows