This is why!

Dear Friends:

Are we really making a difference? I have to admit that there are times when we work so intently and then stop to pause for one moment and suddenly, other voices challenge us and even tempt us to give up. “Really? Why are you doing this?”

The vision of Network211 is to proclaim Christ to all people, build a global community of believers, and work with our partners in ministry. We have evangelism sites such as and that minister to individuals around the globe based on specific life issues. Also, we offer online resources, such as, that present evangelism and discipleship content for a specific targeted audience; in this case, the military and their families. Here is a recent testimony from The Warrior’s Journey:

“When I got home from my second tour, my wife told me that I needed help and that I was really a messed-up guy. I was angry at her for thinking that and I told her I was just fine. Several times she tried to get me connected to VA counselors to help me but I never went to talk to everyone. I really thought I was just fine. Now, after 47 years of marriage she left me and said until I get help she can no longer deal with me.

My children will not speak with me and now my wife is gone. I think I’m messed-up! I Googled messed up veteran and found your website, The Warrior’s Journey. I don’t know you, but I seems from your website you know me and know how I might be able to get some help for my issues. I would really like to talk to someone who has gone through what I have gone through and can help me.”

Tommy Fordyce was the 1-2-1 Warrior Connector who responded to this man. Tommy is a Vietnam veteran who lost his arm in combat in 1968 and has experienced the love of Jesus carrying him through all the difficulties that he has endured since that event in his life. Tommy built a relationship with this man and was able to encourage him to give his heart to Christ. Then he directed him to attend a Mighty Oaks retreat near Houston, TX. Since that time, the man’s wife returned and is working to help him in his new journey with Jesus.

We proclaim Christ with the online resource called The Warrior’s Journey for warrior’s and their families. We interact with them in our online community. We then work with our partners in ministry to get the warriors to these faith-based organizations that exist to address their particular needs. And God gets the glory!

So, I ask again, “why are you doing this?” This testimony is why! This is a life that was saved. A marriage that was saved! God is pleased and the angels in heaven rejoice! This is why!

This inspires me to never give up, never give in, and to never grow weary in doing good until the Gospel is shared with everyone, everywhere!


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President