Updated N211 Home Page

Dear Friends:

I am very happy to announce that we offer an updated Network211 home page! The address is the same,, but you will find that it presents our ministry more clearly. I ask kindly that you take time to browse the new look and please give me your feedback!

There are a few items that I will highlight today. First, you see the tag line, “Network211 uses 21st Century technology to communicate the 1st Century Gospel by helping people discover and grow in their journey with God.” From our beginning, we want to help people discover their journey with God for this is what we term “evangelism”, and we want them to grow in their journey with God for this is what we call “discipleship.” Individuals worldwide will search the Internet for answers to life’s dilemmas and we can join them in their life journey. This is an amazing open door into their hearts and lives and one which we can enter to introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Second, under the map you will see, “How It Works: The Journey.” This shows clearly the path we offer to help individuals go from searching to belonging. If you will, they go from “searches to churches.” The idea is that people can enter this pathway with us no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. Some people need to be introduced to Christ, others need to grow in discipleship, and still others need their faith to be encouraged as they encounter the storms of life.

Third, we offer a “Stats” page that provides real time statistics. You can see the numbers of people who have responded; visitors, evangelism responses, and discipleship connections. You can see how many individuals are “online now” and viewing a Network211 site. You can see “visitors by countries,” “recent responses,” and “active websites.” As you view this page please pray for the individuals who are finding the Answer, Jesus Christ, and let your faith be strengthened.

Fourth, we provide a “Stories” tab for you to read recent comments. You can see immediately that people have different needs in their spiritual journey. Here are some comments:

  • “I tried killing myself twice this year because I feel like everyone would be happy without me and I’m afraid I might do it again. Please help.” (Egypt)
  • “I want to be christian but in my society its so difficult i need help before two day i downloaded bible from the internet but i find some difficulty in understanding . Need help please.” (Yemen)
  • “it was an eye opener for me when i read your story because i didnt know what unconditional love is. thank you” (South Africa)

Thank you for joining us in our journey to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone, everywhere. Your prayer and financial support equips and encourages us to share the greatest message in history. Thank you for all that you do!


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President