He is Risen!

Dear Friends:

Easter is coming! As we remember the last days on earth of our Savior, and especially, His death and resurrection, our hearts are filled with a variety of emotions. We are so humbled and yet grateful to our Lord for his sacrifice that brought us freedom from sin and into an eternal relationship with our heavenly Father. Because of Jesus Christ, we are forgiven. We are transformed into new creations. We are given a new life!

As we celebrate our risen Savior, we will do so with our hearts overflowing with thankfulness to Him and with genuine love. As the same time, our hearts are broken for those who remain in spiritual darkness, either because of the consequences of their sins or truly, they are “unreached.”

Let us rejoice for the 1.5 million individuals who made an evangelism response to a Network211 Gospel presentation. They are living in nations such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, France, and China. With your partnership, we share the Good News, the Holy Spirit moves, and hearts are transformed; that is the power of the Gospel! As a result, people from the nations of the world will now experience the joy of celebrating Easter; many for the first time! For example, a man from Ivory Coast wrote us this simply, yet life-changing statement, “I want to accept Jesus in my life.”

At the same time, we must be resolute in accepting the challenge to share the Good News of Jesus Christ until everyone, everywhere has heard that He loves them. Some have never heard while others have lost their spiritual compass and cannot find their way back on their own. We must be ready to answer them with God’s love when they reach out for help. A man in New Zealand wrote, “I have grown so far from God rebelled and defied him I don’t know if it’s possible for God to forgive me and accept me as his child again I don’t know what to do I fear that I’m lost to him.” It was with your partnership that we prayed with this man, brought him back to Jesus, and opened the way for the love of Christ to bring forgiveness and restoration.

We rejoice because He is risen! We rejoice because we have the honor to share the love of Christ to a world in desperate need of the Savior! Thank you for taking this journey with us; for equipping and encouraging us!


Dr. Mark Flattery
Network211 President