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I want my girlfriend back we just broke up due to family condition please i miss her so much please

My mom illnesses needs to be cured

I will marry to shafi plz pray for me

Please pray that I can submit myself to him with all my heart..
Please pray that I will be able to passed the exam that i will rewrite…

for Government job

I request for brother, undergone pressure stroke both left and right, from Assam, India,

My son suffering from mental disability low intelactual powers

I am 25 years old. I don’t understand what I will do as a profession.
I am working for the ministry in rural areas.

Plz pray for today’s is cycling race is there I want medal plz pr

Dear Brother, please pray for my mother,her age is 61 years old she is diabetic and BP patient

Please pray for me I am suffering from paralysis in my left side. Please pray for me to walk normally amen

My partner has broke up with me please pray that she to come back to me again and let God change her mind and our relationship to be restored again

Teeth pain and job problems

I need prayer for my ministry I want to start ministry still no started

Hello pastor s my prayers recvest is I’m studying with 3 year but I’m not getting successful every time I fail always I’m fail I feel very bad and now also I have exam on 17 starting I very afraid becose every time I fail and my subject is 9 I have everyday exam wt I do I feel I’m very mad please pray for me

I have a load of debt, I should be debt free.
free my mind of money load

I can’t sleep at night

Praise the lord
Pls pray for my daughter for skin allergy on whole body.

I don’t know what is the plan of Jesus for me

Am currently in need of prayer help for my girlfriend who’s currently suffering from kidney stones and swollen ovaries

As I’m going through difficulty of psychological and personal issue called bashful bladder syndrome I need god’s guidance for deliverance from this problem please pray for me

I will be showing myself in neurology department for treatment. Please pray that reports come out good and I may be healed.

I’m going through extreme anxiety disorder & diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which is making my anxiety worse. Please pray for my healing.

Prayer request
Please let me heal from the pancreatic cancer 4th stage in the name of Jesus..

I stay in india. Im suffering from paralysis disease. I request all of you to please pray for my quick relief from this diseases and the bad sins I committed knowingly or unknowingly.

I am filled with a very heavy heart and I need your prayer support badly

I am in need of prayer for my daddy who is battling liver cancer. I believe and I have faith that Jesus will heal him and God will intervene. So please remember my dad in your prayers and fasting.

pray for me so i be get well by blessing and prayers please pray for me so i be heal by the blessing

My brain pains all the time, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat food please pray for my brain

Need urgent prayer for Smt Sumola Rabha, living in severe headache since last few days. Taking treatment for Migraine since last one year.

we want to buil church building because we no place for pray. Please pray for the church building that a 11,000 square feet building should be built in 2023, please pray for God. bhopal (India)

Its so sweet

please pray for my health.I am having kidney disease. pray for healing and restoration of health.

Dear i Christ. I have been suffering from stomach problems like liver gases amd kidney and all. Please pray for me so that i am healed in His name.amen

Mental illness. I have OCD a mental health disorder which results in mocking of God in mind and having unwanted negative and sinful thoughts because of fear. Prayed many times but didn’t go away. Having no shame and courage many problems in life and heart is wounded.

I am completely lost in my life. I joined a course a year back but now I have left the course midway. I can’t do that anymore. I have not informed my parents and family about this. Please pray for me that God may show me the way in this darkest days of my life.

Requesting your prayers for my mother as she is suffering from stomach pain, doctor’s reports says hernia and immediate operation need to be carried.
We have hope upon our Savior Jesus Christ, he performed many miracles in our lives. Hence we are seeking miracle in Christ.

Please prayer for me for peace and happiness for job money marriage

I wanna know more about Jesus.
I wanna hear his voice.
I wanna talk to him.
I want to feel the presence of him near me.

I need to pary for financial problems and l want be free from all my sins

Casting out evil disturbance from my body wherever it is located to be destroyed in Jesus name

my mom is a cancer survivor now agian there is a mass in chest X-ray near lungs which is very scary

Please pray for my b Ed entrance results come out this Monday… I need this job..because I have nothing any income source…I believe in God Jesus.. God bless me .. kindly pray for me.

Please pray for my weight gain, I became more skinny day by day, please pray for me

Since I’m facing all struggle I don’t know what going to happen in my life. Every day getting hard there is no hope of living.what ever happen is God choose

From last Monday to I affected fever yesday admitted hospital and check dengue fever I have 4 years baby please pray for me to god nothing happened in my heart

I am shobha,I hav a request that am being a nurse would like to hav a good job in abroad,kindly pray for me and family to settle in abroad and bless me with a good job,provide me with good opportunity

I have requested so many times but it’s been a very long time but my prayers has not been answered, neither my problems has been resolved. I don’t understand what does the Lord wants from me? He has taken so many things away from me, my only parent was my father and even took him away from me. What could I ask from the lord now? Please have mercy upon me and my family members. Please shower your blessings upon us. Please help us to be able to achieve success and happiness in life. Please Lord.

My fathers health is not good, he is in serious condition . He is an addict. Please pray for his recovery.

As I sent 8 thousand rupees to the wrong QR code, I called them to return my money, but the person refused and blocked my number.
I requested that the bank inform the customer to return my amount.
Now the bank person called and told them that the customer was not willing to give back the money.
Please pray for me that my money gets returned.
After I receive my money back, I’ll give 50 percent of the amount to the church.