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I was diagnosed with rectal tumor. I am afraid what the biopsy would be and to undergo colonoscopy… I am in pain daily especially at night. I’ve always been praying to the Lord Jesus Christ for healing and restoration of health.
Pls pray for me to our Lord. Thank you.

Prayer to Remove Other Woman from my Husband’s Life

Im starting to feel like Im having a bad life. I loose my job because of my health condition. I have many problems right now specially financial problems and I dont know what to do.

Prayer for healing for my kidneys especially on calcification of my left kidney

Spiritual aspect emotional learning about the bible

I’m praying that GOD will give me a clear sign

Prayer for complete healing

Please pray for my health. I am diabetic, hypertensive, with chronic kidney disease and peripheral neuropathy. I can’t sleep as I feel discomfort in my feet. Please pray for my healing.

My sister in law’s sister is having seizures. Praying for.healing and provision.

Jesus I pray for the complete healling of my Family,Mentally and Physically.May you come to our home and bless us with good health and a loving relationship. We are facing difficulties at the momment and we pray to you oh lord to guide us and give us Stregth,Love and very good health.
I Thank you oh mighty Lord God in heaven in Jesus Holy name,Amen

I’m praying to pass my topics 1 subject this semester and to be able to graduate next year 2024. I’m praying that all my records for my topics 1 is complete and for my anxiety and worry to be gone.

fast healing of my urticaria or be erase forever and nomore hip replacement operation and best house maid companion to help me for our household choers

For my son who is suffering for back ache due to kidney and his metallic taste. Please pray to recover my son from illness. And all the pain and sickness. May he get well soon in Jesus name amen

Lord my love, please let me be promoted this September as a Manager in our company and give additional salary so that I can continue to help my parents and continue to build our retirement plan.Also, please don’t let my father suffer too much in his sickness

Plis pray for me

I need prayer..i had 2 miscarriages..and this is my 3rd pregnancy..i was diagnosed with subchorionic hemorrhage, early contraction, and pprom from 7 weeks and has pprom.i am now 14 weeks pregnant..i.need prayer of healing, healthy and normal prrganancy with a very healthy baby physically. Mentally, emotionaly, spiritualy and financialy..i really need prayer..i am under God’s mercy

depression and anxiety

I pray that I will graduate in BSChemistry and will pass the Chemist Licensure Examinations in Jesus name.

Lord my love, please let me be promoted this September as a Manager in our company and give additional salary so that I can continue to help my parents and continue to build our retirement plan.With that, we can let our child build his future without suffering too much difficulty and we can help him throughout his journey until we get old.Also, please don’t let my father suffer too much in his sickness.If you want him to be with You, it is fine with us as long as he will not suffer too much pain anymore.Let him rest peacefully and no more pain.All these I pray in Jesus name, Amen.

Father God, I praise and worship you…I lift up to you the desires of my heart. I pray that I can land myself a generous and kind client . I pray for the good health and safety of my family and loved ones. I pray that the Ayala deal now will push through soon and that the entire jkl family will receive their share. I pray for your continuos blessings on us Lord. Thank you so much!

My journey on my job hunting. I hope t find a good employer who’s worth all the rejection I had experienced.

Please pray for me, I am sick now.

Please pray for my family specially my husband William to accept Jesus Christ as his own personal savior, revival and unity for my family
Please pray for my daughter Audrey’s complete healing. Currently, she is not able to walk due to the sickness that hit her and with that she became paralyze.
Please pray for my family’s good health (physical and mental), financial breakthrough, to release us from the bondage of debts

Please pray for me… i only need 1 more point to pass my subject… I’ve been repeating this subject a lot .. I do not want to repeat it anymore .. please pray for me.. I pray for a miracle… I cannot afford to repeat it again as i dont have the financial capacity to repeat it… please pray for me ..

Please pray for me to overcome through my failure. I’ve missed a deadline and now I feel I want to vanish from the Earth. It’s really a big deal to me. I know I have a lot to thank God for my two beautiful babies 1 & 3 years old, a good husband, a supportive parents and brother but this kind of failure really puts me down to the ground. I don’t know how to overcome what I am feeling right now. I am very stupid. Why do people have to suffer because of me. Help me.

I here to pray for the fast speedy recovery for my mother. Please help me to prat my mother’s situation now. Lord help us. Lord heal my mother.

Dear Brother/Sister, Please pray for me for total restoration of my first love to God,and that i can always have (unwavering faith)

I need your utmost prayers. My name is Maileen and I had a angina last month(blocked arteries) I had a slight heart attack. I am now on leave at work because of this sickness and I dont have the means to pay for my everyday expenses.

Hope someday i find a job

Please pray God protect us from ritual evil spirit. In name Jesus powerful drive out devils all. God break curse to us.

I am praying for my son who is addicted to gambling. Please pray for him that he will be able to see the right path. Amen

God of the Father and of the Son & of the Holy Spirit, Lord I thank you for everything you’ve given me & I ask your forgiveness for all the sins that I have done. Lord I may ask you to please grant my application for business loan

For the forgiveness of my sins and enlightenment of my wisdom.