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That my marriage be restored.

Requesting prayer for companionship with a christian woman as well as a financial miracle to happen in my life soon. T

Pray for my dogs

Hi I am dealing with some health challenges related to cancer. Please pray for me that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will lay his hands on me to heal me.

My wife is going for heart catherization monday

Please pray for God to prevent break ins into my home by criminals. 2 break ins have happened in my neighborhood in 2 days. God bless!!!

My husband and I are really wanting to start a family and I’m hoping by the end of this year god will bless me with a pregnancy. God gave me the most amazing man and I would love to have a child with him and raise him with gods word 🙂

Pray that I would be free from porn addiction
To be a youth pastor at my church
To be bold and courageous

Please pray for me. and my wife. We need physical,spiritual, and financial help.

I’m wasting my prime healthy years working a low wage dead end job that I can’t quit and then going to a bedroom watching TV all alone instead of advancing the kingdom of God! Im very ashamed and embarrassed! Nothing seems to work out whether I’m praying to God or not

Pray for my mental health, pray for me to get out of this depression and please ask my lord to heal me from this anxiety and to take away this horrible thoughts in my head.

Please pray for my niece Rita she is at a crossroad and has a hopelessness lack of direction or purpose feeling totally alone and unloved please help me pray for her journey and that she finds some purpose And someone to love

Urgent need of deliverance and healing breakthrough. Severely suffering from bipolar 1 depression, anxiety, insomnia and suicidal thoughts at times. Also thyroid and homores Imbalance doctor’s and medication haven’t helped. Desperately need God to intervene and restore and renew my life. Please lift me up in prayer for my healing miracle.

Prayer for healing of all my teeth and jaw problems, so that my mouth feels completely normal again and I can enjoy life with my daughter the way I should.

Please pray for my mom’s health to get better. Also we are losing our apartment, please pray God gives us a place to live within the next week. Thank you

Please pray that I have energy strength protection favor great health do an excellent amazing job it’s not busy at work today and tonight and I can go to the store a few times ijnip amen

Dear heavenly father we ask you to place a hedge of protection and deliverance of myself and my children cast away spiritual warfare

Me to be Healed and get back into the word

Please pray for God to deliver my property from evil and to bless it. God bless!!!

Please pray for my 8 month old trinity she was taken from my home 3 wks ago and I need prayer that she comes home safely with protection from all Gods angels ty

God forgive me for all the things I’ve done wrong and all the bad thoughts in my head I’m begging you for my health God please shrink this cyst in my pancreas Lord I beg you give me a chance to live for you and tell the world how you deliver me from dying in your name I pray! Amen

Will you pray for me please my legs have hurt for quite a few

Want healing from bipolar
Can’t stand it anymore

Daughter going out for junior high volleyball. She’s such an amazing athlete and player. God give her the confidence to let her light shine and get a spot on the team!!Amen!

. Please ask God to send angels of peace and protection to my job. Thank you. God bless you.

I need a prayer to make my life better to get evil out of my life I need a prayer for wisdom to guide me down the right path I need a payer for strength to face another day I need a prayer for faith

In the need of a financial breakthrough praying for better job in better benefits with less stress praying for my husband Charlie

Please pray for me I have schizoaffective disorder!!!

Please continue to pray for my dad . He is staying strong , Praying he is completely CANCER FREE !!!!!!!!!! Next time he goes to the doctor !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !~!!!!!!

Please pray that I have success and everything I need with me when I go drop off paperwork and I don’t have any mistakes or problems with it ijnip amen

Please pray for my protection from all dark forces

My name is Shawn and I am currently waitlisted at the college of my choice for physical therapy. Please pray for me to receive admission.

Please pray that I have miracles and peace in my life ijnip amen

Please pray that our heavenly father will release this pain from my body. I have been in pain for over a month I pray for wisdom for the doctors and that I need a supernatural healing that God will release his pain from my body. Thank you. I am at my breaking point.

Please pray fmla get approved and I pass performance evaluation and my leave request to be approved and blackout be over and I get medication.

Prayer for healing from vision loss due to glaucoma

I need a prayer to make my life better I need a prayer for courage to face another day I need a prayer to get evil out of my life

Pray to be focus to the best of Christ ability upon my soul pray to be a better father to my son to not be homeless. Yo get a job go back to school remain pure spiritual growth pure soul

I have a friend named Dawn. She has been struggling with severe lung issues for a while now. She could use prayers for healing! Blessings to you all for your prayers!

A lot of fear , worry, anxiety going on my mind right now. A lot of sleepless nights . I really need god Almighty to calm the storm in my life. Very unsettling situations arising. Im not equipped to handle.

I am suffering from neuropathy brought on by diabetes

Please pray for my dad, He was diagnosed to have a mass/tumor in his bladder. Please pray for him that the result of his biopsy will be good with no traces of cancer and that his tumor will be gone and completely healed in Jesus name. Thank you.

I’ve been having extreme stomach pains and diarrhea for about two weeks now and just need some prayer for healing

Prayer for healing mind body soul pray not to be homeless pray my ability don’t decrease pray for strength ability confidence pray to be a better dad pray for a job for a wife

Abuse. I am not severely mentally ill and I am suffering from abuse.

I am having anxiety disorder and moments and mental chemicals imbalance in the brain and I need healing for my mind to be cleared without any thoughts or moments I don’t want to have

My mom who is named Mari was diagnosed with stage four cancer last week.

Please pray that I have energy strength protection favor great health do an excellent amazing job with alertness and it’s not busy and I can go to the store a few times ijnip amen

Pray for my husband that he would be truly saved and know Christ, that he would be our spiritual leader, full of the Spirit and free of doctrinal confusion.

Please pray for me healing of my sinuses allergies and low sodium levels and blood sugars levels to be normal. Heal my neck and back and my hernia. Please pray for my hips to be healed. And my knees, my back and my head pains to go away to headaches.