Country: Portugal

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Greetings brothers&sisters,
I really need a prayer and help from our God Jesus Christ!
I’m so confused nowadays about my life.before I came here in Europe my son just died in still in grief and sorrows but I need to work for my family.
I accepted the job and left my 2 daughters back home in Philippines..I’m a single parent.after more than a year,I lost the job for a certain reason from company ,they’re loosing clients.until this day I’m jobless and doing only part time job.
I visit the church every Sunday. When I was in middle East I converted Islam.although I’m Muslim but I am reading bible,attending Mass but I’m not accepting the Holy communion.i just go their to pray,thinking what religion will I choose.
One time I talked to the parish priest what will I do.he suggest to attend the small lectures about catechist and do the counselling before I can accept holy communion.
But the thing is,there’s someone from the church a lady friend, that seems giving complications in my life.i decide to stay away from her, so my mind now is in a deep thinking if I will continue with them.
That’s my issue and problem.
I just get my courage, refuge and hope from our Father Almighty Jesus Christ…sorry for a long message but I think you are the answer and God gave me this page.
God bless you all and have a good day!
sincerely yours,

Please pray that the mighty God heal or give me new lungs as I’m going to hospital tomorrow for check up and I believe my lungs are normal in Jesus mighty name