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Please pray urgent pray. For gracous loveing Jesus intervene in Sam life. Take way his chemical imbalance & biolar. That his mind become balanced get on meds That he can stop drinking & huring people he loves. Turn to you jesus instead. Please pray people that he can release his past & move forward get help thanks

My husband and I are really wanting to start a family and I’m hoping by the end of this year god will bless me with a pregnancy. God gave me the most amazing man and I would love to have a child with him and raise him with gods word 🙂

Prayer for marital healing, reconciliation, love and peace

Asking that God draw Kurt & Carol ever closer together into an ever deepening more life[giving, enhancng,enricnhening,enlivening] loving friendship rooted in mutual trust and mutual honesty and thru Carol me also. That Kurt would stop by and commit himself to spending ever increasing hours getting to know Carol, her holiness, her goodness and thru her me also. That he and HQ company would see us as friends and not enemies. Asking that they grow to truly delight in one another’s company.

Please pray everything coming against my kids, me, our close relationship together, my home we live in are canceled. My mom, Pat and Bill don’t sell the home I live in and I am renting that my mom owns. If in God’s Will my mom signs the title over to me like she said she was thinking.

Asking that God forever draw Kurt & Carol ever closer into an ever deepening mutually life[giving, enhancing,enrichening,enlivening] loving friendship forever more deeply rooted, nurtured, nourished in mutual trust, mutual honesty and thru Carol to,towards and with me also. I ask that Kurt spends ever increasing time getting to know the true goodness and wonderful things that are in Carol and that they both grow to truly delight in each other’s company.

Pray that I would be free from porn addiction
To be a youth pastor at my church
To be bold and courageous

Lord give me strength and heal my broknesss, help financially

Please pray for my son that everything works out well for him and he gets to come home soon, please thanks alison

Teeth pain and job problems

I have deep spiritual hurts from my childhood that I continually have trouble healing from. I seek the Lord daily in prayer and worship trying to know the truth of my salvation through repentance and believing the truth about Jesus, but I still struggle with the hurt of constantly being condemned as a child.

i had knee replacement 8 weeks ago.
and i have had numbness in both my leg since.
Please pray that i will completely heal from this surgery with no more numbness.
And that i will live a normal life like i wanted

I will marry to shafi plz pray for me

Prayers for my diverticulitis and good intolerances to be healed

I want to ask for a prayer, I have a problem with pornography, I was free from it for a few years and now I have a problem again, I am married with children, a family and I know that this opens the door for the devil to destroy my personal life and my family life. Please carry me in your prayers to get out of compromises and demonic covenants, to hate sin and fornication

Please pray for God to heal my body and permanently take away this pain I am feeling now so that I may work. In Jesus name. Thank you

Please pray for my 8 month old trinity she was taken from my home 3 wks ago and I need prayer that she comes home safely with protection from all Gods angels ty

Praise the lord
Pls pray for my daughter for skin allergy on whole body.

I need prayer for my ministry I want to start ministry still no started

I have been unemployed for nine months now, and have actively been applying for positions, taking exams, and interviewing. After each interview that I’ve had, the bottom drops out for some reason. I have sought God, prayed, fasted, and asked for direction. However, God has been silent. I am disappointed, frustrated, and feel completely abandoned by God. I am at a loss.

Pray for a mental problem for me

Pray to overcome fear in my life

For this heart failure to heal so I can be here with my children.


I don’t know what is the plan of Jesus for me

Please pray for God to bless me with provisions, favor and grace. God bless!!!

we want to buil church building because we no place for pray. Please pray for the church building that a 11,000 square feet building should be built in 2023, please pray for God. bhopal (India)

Please pray for me I have lots of depts the lord help my educare because we are really in the need

Please pray that I have energy strength protection favor great health do an excellent amazing job it’s not busy at work today and tonight and I can go to the store a few times ijnip amen

My life is falling apart. Lost my job in May. 25 weeks pregant. No one will hire me. Fiance is struggling with extreme anger, alcoholism, and THC. Doctors just found a lump the size of a lemon on my Grandma’s lung and spots throughout her sternum. And I feel like I am in hell. And I am trying happy and bring my baby into this world. But we have nothing.

Please pray for my dad, He was diagnosed to have a mass/tumor in his bladder. Please pray for him that the result of his biopsy will be good with no traces of cancer and that his tumor will be gone and completely healed in Jesus name. Thank you.

Please pray for healing of my anxiety and depression.

Thank you

Pray for me

I need a life partner


for Government job

Please pray for christina. She has messed up in few areas of life. By drinking when sad angry confused. Dont always get dating relationship what men want due to autism.

May God be with you

Please pray for me , please my blood pressure being staying up,been having headaches just bout everyday,than I have heel spurs on my heel and on the bottom of my feets, please I need pray

Please pray that God heals my body and permanently takes away this pain.

Teach me how to pray

Please intercede on my husband’s ( Frik ) behalf for sustainable work & reliable income for our family URGENTLY

My son suffering from mental disability low intelactual powers

fast healing of my urticaria or be erase forever and nomore hip replacement operation and best house maid companion to help me for our household choers