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Please God let me feel myself safe. TaKe away fear. Amen

Always depressed and lonely

Please I am very scared. I believe I let the Leviathon spirit inside me, I tried to self deliver myself but it’s been weeks and slowly I feel my spirituality is fading away and I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice?

For baptism of my whole family and husband family too

I want a change in my life, I want God to help me and my family and deliver us from poverty and send to us a destiny helper

Please pray for my ex-wife Hanna. She is very sick. She has mental health problems. She left me and found a new man. Hanna has cancer. She is suffering from depression and anxiety. Please pray for her finances. Please pray for HOPE for her. She has suicidal thoughts. This is an emerqency. Please pray for the voice of the Lord to her.

Please pray for salvation, healing and protection for my three sisters Karoliina, Kristiina and Katariina.

Please pray for me for God divine intervention over my life and my family. Pray for me against backwardness, stagnation,debt and failure. I need peace of mind and protection. I want to be debt free.I need a new Job

I was served with divorce papers 4/7after 43 years of marriage and I am heartbroken. I need prayer for guidance and wisdom Please pray for my husband to be saved… I believe this is Spiritual warfare I love my husband and I do not want a divorce… I need Gods miracle for Charlie’s salvation and restoration of our marriage I love him

Please pray for God to bless me with provisions, favor and grace. God bless!!!

Pray For Me I Need Jesus father Change My Life

17th June is my birthday, I want God to change my life status from bad to best. I am turning 24 this year. I want God to give me wealth, strength and a happy and good life. 16th june is my dads birthday too. Same request to my dad too. We from Ghana. Thanks

Dear all , please pray my loan of 46 lakhs should be sanctioned and we should come out of all debts .. please pray for my money problems to be solved …

Dear sir,

Greetings you and your team members in the name of living god jesus.
I have a prayer request plz pray for me. On 28th May 2023, I have to appear in CS prelims exam, And it is sorry to say that it is my 7th attempt to appear in CS prelims and also this is last attempt for me. Earlier I had appeared 6 times but I failed again & again due to problems and situations comes in my life. This year also I couldn’t get time to study well due to problems & situations.
One thing I can’t understand why problems & situations are not leaving in my family? Every year one after another problems i face. And also I can’t understand that what is the will of God for me. Please let me know what is the will of God for me.
And also My age is going to increase & I hv no any other source to get a job. I have to get job this year by all means by cracking this exam. Only Prayer unto god can give me success in exam. So I believe unto god and I need your prayer . Plz remember me & my request while you pray.

Therefore, I request you sir kindly pray for me how I can get success in this civil service prelims exam miracoulsly & successfully and also get a good job this year by all means . So plz pray for me..

Thank you

I’m in grievous pain poeple of God i need God’s mercy healing to manifest in all my whole organs to restore back

Am currently in need of prayer help for my girlfriend who’s currently suffering from kidney stones and swollen ovaries

There god i am facing a problem of financial problem… there is a many days passing but i couldn’t solve …. Please help me in any way ……..please god

I am asking for prayer for Gods ptotection over my entire life and thanking God for all he has done in my life and for spiritual friens be grateful of all of them

for Government job

I have aids , due to which my mental condition has also worsened, I’m very depressed, pray for me to be alright amen

Kindly, pray for me that God will provide for me $11,376 needed to support my MA in Philanthropic Studies at Indiana University, this fall.
I have been awarded tuition fellowship and GA but I still need the amount mentioned above.

Please pray for iam feeling so stressed,i got a loan started up a hatchery unfortunately there was a power problem where my eggs in the incubator got spoiled and there was a big loss now no money to pay the loan no school fees for my children iam in my end point.

My aged mom is currently having an advanced stage glaucoma and cataract challenges on both eyes and needs an urgent prayer for God to touch her

Please pray to keep me protected from
Witchcraft and evil spirits. Thankyou!

Please pray for my 8 month old trinity she was taken from my home 3 wks ago and I need prayer that she comes home safely with protection from all Gods angels ty

Please pray that my husband will come back to me today and be completely faithful to me.

I need super natural healing,God please healing me from body shaking when ever am stressed

I pray that I will be delivered from all spiritual warfare, spells, voodoo and spirits and filled with Gods healing, love, peace, and protection.

I prayer long life and good things

Lord remove all curses all over family ans children. Remove the curse over Chaney. Alejandro, and over our children Nathaniel, Lauren, Zachary, Audrey, Elizbeth, and Merdith. Lord mu family are in need of $10,000 ASAP to cover bills due. Lord I have post all my closed dowm bookstore on facebook sales sites and nextdoor sites. Lord i need your help on bring buyers today and the n3xt 5 days to come and buy the last of 2,000 books left and all furnture, wall art, 2 mircoscope and the science experment kits. My husband last his job and more then ever we need the money for bills. Bring grandparents, Homeschool families, teachers, Parents, aunts, uncles to come and buy early Christmas gifts and gifts to give. Lord bless us non stop on us selling every last books

I want God to restore my total health

Please pray that my brain and memory will be healed and healthy. I pray that I could be very smart and intelligent. Someone beat me with a metal baseball bat and fractured my skull and gave me 2 blood clots in my brain.

Please pray for my sons girlfriend to do the right thing

For me

My daughter fractured her hip and develop Avn disease, please pray for my daughter to be totally healed for her to drop her crutches and walk on her own again without pain. I and my daughter have faith in God.we believe he will do it for us in Jesus name Amen.

Please pray for my studies, I’m currently having trouble registering for my design project,this will delay my graduation.I need a devine miracle so I can do my project this semester and get a decent internship.

Good day,i would like you pastor and members to pray to God and remove o heal all chronic illness in my body thank you

I want good health with fine and good breathing

Jesus, I hope I Jesus, I hope I can score more than 550 in the senior high school entrance examination

Please pray that my test will be clearance give me the strength to keep going

Hi prayer for me

Please pray for my niece Rita she is at a crossroad and has a hopelessness lack of direction or purpose feeling totally alone and unloved please help me pray for her journey and that she finds some purpose And someone to love